Posted to Updates on December 14th, 2020

12 Days of Events & Holiday Collection

12 Days of Events

To celebrate the festive holiday season, we're running an in-game limited-time event every day for 12 days straight. This time around we're sharing the schedule early so you can prep ahead or schedule free time around the events you enjoy most!

All dates listed are in UTC.

  • December 14th: Merchant XP
  • December 15th: Haggle
  • December 16th: Hero XP
  • December 17th: Loot Frenzy
  • December 18th: Resource Fest
  • December 19th: Multicraft
  • December 20th: Better Deals
  • December 21st: Fast Quests
  • December 22nd: Fast Crafts
  • December 23rd: Top Quality
  • December 24th: Bonus Energy
  • December 25th: Customer Frenzy

The 2020 Holiday Collection + Free Gifts from Workers

The celebrations don't end with just snow and events, to add to the festivities a new collection will launch on December 15th with new decorations and customizations to acquire! They won't be around forever, so grab while you can.

Along with the collection, city workers will occasionally visit your shop and offer up their usual goods but entirely for FREE! It isn't a gift if you have to pay for it of course!

Happy Holidays, Shopkeepers!