Posted to Updates on August 16th, 2019

A Look at Coming Updates

Hey Shopkeepers,

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for a roadmap or some sort of post mapping out what we have planned for the future and this post is the answer to those requests. We think you’ll appreciate the insight on things coming soon and what’s coming later this year.

What’s coming in our next update?

For our next update, coming later this month, we’re mainly focusing on quality-of-life and user experience improvements. We wanted to take time to implement some much needed improvements and refinements to our current experiences and features, such as the Market. Along with these improvements we’re introducing someone new and a much requested new feature.

We’ll be detailing some of the stuff below, but stay tuned for the release notes that’ll be coming later this month for the full details on everything in the August update!

New Champion

The August update will introduce a new champion for all players to unlock and rank up! He’s a wild one so watch out!

Piggy Bank - Daily Bonus

Every day you’ll need to earn a set amount of gold from sales in order to fill up your Piggy! Fill up your Piggy and smash ‘em for a cool reward. Your 7th Piggy will be extra special and golden and provide even better rewards! Don’t worry about missing a day either as they do not need to be in a row.

Mute Button Makes Its Return

With our last update muting was coupled with reporting, however, this created situations where a player may have wanted to mute another player but they did not specifically warrant a chat report. With this update you’ll see the return of the traditional mute button.

Market Improvements

The Market will see a large UI revamp to improve the overall experience, including distinguishing an offer from a request in Your Trades and sorting options along with usual filters.

Bug Fixes

These are just a couple fixes planned for the August update.

  • Fix for “Complete” on Academy building not being dismissable if you do not own the Scholar but participated in the Scholar trial
  • Fix for receiving tasks for Wands if you do not own the Scholar but participated in the Scholar trial

What’s coming later this year?

We have more planned for after our August update!

You’ve all been asking about it and it’s finally coming early this Fall/Autumn; the Guild Shop makes its appearance and along with it you’ll see a new set of Tier 8 items, a brand new quest location including three new components and a new chest.

You’ll hear more about this after the August update and when we’re closer to the release, so stay tuned!