Posted to Community on September 30th, 2020

Enchantment Removal Warning & Reasoning

Starting with the 5.1 update, enchanted items will no longer be tradable on the market.

Shop Titans’ open, player-driven market is one of its core and most unique features. Heroes can be geared up in the blink of an eye, Champion requests can be fulfilled in an instant, and missing components can immediately be ordered in bulk! Furthermore, we even allow the exchange of premium currency, allowing savvy shopkeepers to earn a steady income without having to spend a dime.

This market also unfortunately sets us up with an eternal battle against fraud. Despite making up only 1.65% of equipment trades, enchanted items are almost exclusively responsible for all instances of market fraud.

Since a combination of an item’s base, quality, spirit and element can form a unique entry on the Market, fraudsters can easily set up mock offers at ridiculous gem values, allowing the transfer of gems between accounts. This is a common tactic of third party gem resellers, but also opens the way for credit card fraud, chargebacks, and so on.

During some weeks, we’ve registered fraud totaling up to several million gems. Gold is less frequently traded, but still totals in the billions. This is a decision we have debated internally for a very long time, but as fraudulent trades quickly began to spiral out of control, we were forced to act.

The release of 5.1 is drawing close. We hope the many improvements it brings to the game will make up for this inconvenience.

Can we still sell Spirits and Elements?

Spirits and Elements in their basic form (e.g not already enchanted on an item) will remain tradable as usual.

What about Elemental Blueprints?

Since Elemental Blueprints cannot be separated from their core element, they will be allowed on the market. They won’t be allowed if there’s a Spirit on them, though

I have some enchanted items on the market right now! Are they safe?

You will be allowed to remove them safely even after the update.

Some of my best items are already enchanted. How can I trade them?

With this update, we’ve also added an option for players to destroy enchantments on items at no cost. The enchantment will be gone forever, but the base item will become tradable.

I’m seeing enchanted items on the markets even after the update! What gives?

Enchanted items may still be present on the market for a short time after the update is released, as not everyone can update immediately. Furthermore, existing offers may need to naturally time out before they can vanish from the market.