Posted to Guides on August 30th, 2019

How to link my game progress across platforms?

Hey Shopkeepers,

There's been some increased interest in linking accounts across Game Center and Google Play so we'd thought we'd make a short guide on how to get your account linked up across platforms. Linking your device across platforms will allow you to play on the same Shop Titans account on both iOS and Android, meaning no matter what device you're on (as log as you sign into Game Center/Google Play) you can load up your progress.

What do you need to do?

Firstly, you'll need to create an account on both platforms (iOS and Android). Next, write down the Player ID (e.g. PlayerName#12345, found by tapping your level at the top-left and looking below your username) for both accounts.

Next, on your main account of the two accounts for which you recorded Player IDs: take note of your guild name and, if you've made any in-app purchases (IAPs), collect proof of purchases for these IAPs.

  • For a guide on how to view your purchase history on iOS, click here.
  • For a guide on how to view your purchase history on Android, click here.

Finally, once you've gathered this information. Open the game on your main account and head to the settings menu. Click on the "Contact Us" button and let us know you'd like to link your account across platforms, include both Player IDs collected, the main account's guild name and be sure to specify which of the two Player IDs is your main account. Attach any proof of purchase and send the support ticket.

We'll contact you as soon as possible with any extra information we may require for verification, or that your account has been successfully linked.

Support Ticket Example

Here is an example ticket for linking accounts across platforms.

Hi, I'd like to link my account across iOS and Android.

Player ID: Richard#12345

Player ID (main account): Richard#54321 Guild Name: Hamster's Paradise Proof of Purchases: