Posted to Updates on April 22nd, 2020

Server Update - 4/22/2020

Major Changes

Chat Spam Prevention

We’ve upgraded our chat report system to more accurately punish spammers and bots. If you see either of these in the World Chat, do your part and hit that report button!

Balance Changes

Tier 9 Enchantments

The blueprint for the Chiseled Runestone has been overhauled. All resource reduction upgrades now reduce the resource cost by a much greater amount. The time reduction upgrade bonus has been doubled. The 5th upgrade milestone now instead reduces the Chipped Runestone cost by 1 (stacking with the ascension milestone, for a total reduction of -2).

In addition, all Tier 9 enchantments have had their value increased to 350k gold (from 255k).


We’ve made some additional changes to the Bounty generation algorithm. Crafting type bounties should now more accurately follow the player’s progression while also offering slightly increased variety. Haggle type bounties will also follow a similar progression. Discount bounties will stop asking you to discount Tier 9 items, too. Component and Quest type bounties should also only ask for dungeons you are somewhat comfortable running.

Despite this, Craft type bounties can still ask for items you have not yet unlocked. Bounties are generated with the player’s overall progression in mind, and so they can ask for a Tier 7 Rogue Hat if the player is ready for Tier 7 crafting in general, even if that player has not even unlocked a single hat. Bounties are a group effort!

Ursa Totem

The Ursa Totem from the Rudo Pack was mistakenly assigned resource costs much lower than intended. They have been updated to more reasonable values in relation to its tier. In addition, its value was increased slightly, and it now sports a small attack bonus.

As compensation, players who owned the Ursa Totem before this update will see it fully ascended for free. The equivalent amount in ascension shards will instead be added to the player’s inventory if the Ursa Totem blueprint already had one or more ascension levels.

Other Changes

  • The Mage Armor skill now grants an Attack bonus equal to its Defense bonus. This replaces the flat HP bonus.
  • The Wall of Force skill now grants 50% ATK and DEF, scaling up to 70% each at rank 3.
  • The Mana Shield skill now grants 70% ATK and DEF, scaling up to 80% each at rank 2.