Posted to Community on April 1st, 2021

Tamas reads the Tamas Day Patch Notes for the Tamas Day Update

Hey dude, I wanted to let you know about a couple things I decided to implement in the game for the upcoming Tamas update:

  • We will now be banning players who use market slots as inventory.
  • We are reintroducing failure chance for epic fusion and also adding one for flawless and uncommon in order to balance the market economy.
  • We are permanently removing all water elements, in support of the Suez Canal debacle. Players can contact customer support to receive a refund on scrolls and shards spent on those enchantments.
  • We are now repurposing the hamster pet as a new champion that would only request lettuce, a new type of item only available in the premium store.
  • All items will now use leather as our fourth resource, items that already use leather will now require more leather.
  • We will also start mining bitcoins on your devices to pay for the ever-increasing server costs.
  • And finally, we tweaked our seasonal content structure to allow players that purchase only the second offer of a twin pack during a full moon wearing the bunny onesie within 30 seconds of seeing it to roll a new gacha that has 12.5% chance of containing the superior superior offer, available for purchase.

Thank you and see you soon.