Posted to Updates on September 24th, 2019

Update Outlook #2

Hey Shopkeepers,

We want to provide you all with another update on what’s planned for Shop Titans over the next couple of months and further clarify some things coming in our next update slated for early Fall/Autumn, specifically, early October. Please be aware these are not full release notes and does not include everything planned for our next update.

What’s coming in our next update?

Initially, we teased this update as bringing both Tier 8 items and the coveted Guild Shop, however, since we have a much bigger guild oriented update planned for later this year (you’ll hear more on that below) we’ve opted to hold back on what was originally referred to as the Guild Shop to work on it some more, refine the experience and transform it into something different.

While the “Guild Shop” has been delayed, the release for this update has not been and you’ll still be seeing it early October as planned.

Tier 8 Items

Get ready for a whole new set of items to unlock and craft with Tier 8 items. These items are, of course, more valuable and worth more experience!

Two New City NPCs

Two new free NPCs join the city roster, these characters bring with them rare commodities that you’ll find useful for higher tier crafts!

New Quest & Chest

This update will bring a new quest for you and your heroes to embark on and explore! It’ll be a tough one but it’ll offer up the much needed new components for crafting Tier 8 items! And lets not forget a new chest and key.

Ascension Milestones

Get rewarded for your item specialization! With ascension milestones you’ll earn bonuses like reduced surcharge energy cost, gems, more experience and other cool bonuses for ascending multiple items of the same type.

Seasonal Content

Something spooky is on the horizon! The town and customers look ghastly! May be time for some new special customizations to get into the holiday spirit?!

Stay tuned for the full notes soon as we get closer to release which will include more details, improvements and bug fixes.

What’s coming later this year?

Later this year you’ll see what was formerly referred to as the Guild Shop, it’ll offer up cool rewards in exchange for your guild coins. With it you’ll also see some more guild oriented features, such as guild upgrades and guild bounties that you and your guild members work together on to complete and earn rewards. We’ve also got some other things planned for this update as well but we’re keeping that secret for now.

As usual, you’ll hear much more about these features later this year.