Posted to Updates on July 5th, 2019

Version 1.0.13 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed wacky furniture skin previews.
  • Fixed furniture skins deducting 0 gold.
  • Fixed potential crashes during the tutorial
  • Fixed enchantments and runestones being impossible to request on the Market.
  • Fixed a crash involving racks.
  • Fixed Market offers/requests displaying grayed out, as if uninteractable.
  • Customers with a pending discount that are forced to leave the shop will now deduct from the player’s energy.
  • Fixed issue preventing players from buying enchantments and runestones from the Market, claiming the inventory was full.
  • Fixed Champions not showing up in the shop
  • Fixed some instances of users getting stuck at the "Opening City Gates" screen.

Balance Changes

  • Slightly reduced surcharge energy cost of most items
  • The Midnight Apparel robe is now more valuable, at the cost of one extra Silk Scarab.
  • High quality enchantments now contribute more to the target item’s total value