Posted to Updates on October 4th, 2019

Version 2.2.0 Release Notes

New Features

Trick or Treat!

Shambling corpses of Heroes from ages past rise! With Charon’s gold in their pockets, they’ll wander into your shop, seeking both brains and sales! Do they qualify for Seniors discount?

Pumpkin Makeover

All players who login during the event will receive a free pumpkin head to wear! Check out the avatar editor to see all the available pumpkins!

Halloween Collection

New spooky decorations, wallpapers and floorings are available! They can only be bought during the event, but once purchased will remain available to use forever. Don’t miss them!

Tier 8 is Here!

26 new blueprints are now available! These powerful and valuable items are not something you want to miss. Among them are the powerful Prototype Gatling gun, the luxurious Wand of Midas, and the… unusual Powder Keg hammer.

New Dungeon!

The mysterious Chronos Ruins have been discovered! Legends whisper of a great empire vanishing overnight… Dare you challenge their timeless guardian?

Elemental Blueprints!

New blueprints have been introduced as exclusive rewards from chests. These special items have a built-in element imparted upon them as part of their creation which immediately makes them stronger and more expensive than their peers. Collect all 36!

Ascension Milestones!

Do you love hats? Do you love hats so much that you wish you could become the top hat maker in the kingdom? Say no more. With the introduction of Ascension Milestones, all ascension upgrades* will now contribute to a greater whole, shared by an entire item type. By upgrading many items of the same type, you will not only unlock various rewards to claim, but also permanent crafting upgrade like an increased quality chance and reduced surcharge costs for your favorite item type.

*Except Runestones

New City Buildings!

Two new characters, Serene and Maylee, have joined the city! They manage the most valuable resources in the game, Ether and Jewels. If you planned on crafting Tier 8 items, you’ll need their help!

Major Changes

City Investments

We’ve significantly overhauled the inner workings of the investment system. Buildings are now upgraded through “Ticks”, which is the total amount of investments each player has made in the building, rather than the gold value. One investment is worth one “Tick”, regardless of its cost. A level 1 building requires 10 Ticks to upgrade, thus a total of 10 investments for all guild members combined.

Rather than increasing the cost to invest based on the level of the building, it will now increase based on the amount of investments each individual player has made in a specific building. Essentially, the more you invest, the more expensive it gets. This means that newer players in an advanced city can immediately start providing a sizeable contribution to investments.

As part of the transition, all investments from all players will safely adapt to the new system. Keep in mind however that investments from players who have not yet updated the game will not be counted until they update and log in.

To prevent mass building downgrades for players who download the update early, we’ve also temporarily halted this mechanic to give players a chance to regroup and invest where buildings need it. It would also be a good time to look around each building to see where investments are cheapest for you. Buildings you’ve rarely invested in will now be extremely cheap for you to contribute, and will provide a sizeable helping hand to the rest of the guild if you chip in!

All in all, this new system also makes buildings much cheaper to upgrade, especially around the level 8 to 13 range.

Update: Building upgrade times have been reduced to 1 min for all buildings at all levels. This should prevent cities getting stuck in loops of constant downgrading/upgrading caused by members joining and leaving.

Evelyn the Scholar

With the introduction of Ascension Milestones, the Scholar’s multicraft chance with all enchantments has lost its uniqueness. We will thus take this opportunity to update it.

Scholar owners will now benefit from a +25% merchant XP bonus. Players who purchased the Scholar before this update will receive 50 Ascension Shards as compensation.

Other Changes

  • The tradehouse offer and request menus have been overhauled.
  • It is now possible to request items of a specific quality (finally!).
  • It is now possible to swiftly invest large quantities of gold or gems into city buildings.
  • Magic runes now have unique sound effects upon a successful enchant. Meow.
  • Players who do not own the Scholar or Engineer can now invest in their respective buildings.
  • Items now have a maximum gem price on the market, which depends on the item and its quality. This is meant to reduce the severity of “scam” trades (e.g buying cheap items in bulk and accidentally buying one for 10,000 gems).
  • Furniture with special animations or visual effects now have a special mark in the furniture store to highlight their uniqueness.

Balance Changes

  • Slightly increased the value of Wands.
  • Reduced Elvenwood cost of Sylvanel in favor of an extra Moon Crystal (bumping its value up a notch).
  • Significantly reduced gold required to smash piggy banks.
  • Reduced the energy cost to suggest items.
  • Reduced the gold cost and upgrade time of rack type furniture.
  • Slightly reduced the gold cost to repair items (Royalty)
  • Significantly reduced the gem cost of furniture upgrades.
  • Reduced the gold cost of a few later expansion levels.
  • Reduced the level requirement, gold and gem cost of the 4th Craft Slot unlock.
  • Reduced the gold and gem cost of the 2nd Quest Slot unlock.
  • Updated the requirement for most Hero Slot unlocks, generally becoming available earlier and being cheaper to purchase with gems.
  • Updated the level requirement of hero classes by making all classes of the same tier unlock together.
  • Increased the capacity of resource bins.
  • Reduced the resource cost of most blueprints. Some blueprint values may have been very slightly reduced as a result.
  • Reduced the amount of crafts required to unlock blueprint upgrades for most blueprints.
  • Reduced the gold cost of resource packs offered by resource workers.
  • Removed the option to purchase gold furniture with gems. It was more confusing than helpful.
  • The Jeweler is now the secondary worker for Spear, Shield and Amulet items.
  • The Herbalist is now a secondary worker for Spell items.
  • Reduced gem reward quantities of the Fortune Zone.
  • Slightly reduced the regeneration speed of resources.
  • Reduced the quantity of components found in the Whispering Bog, Barren Wastes and Sun God’s Tomb dungeons.

Skill Changes

  • The common skill Mage Armor now grants HP at rank 1, and more HP at higher ranks.
  • The rare skill Antimagic net now grants more Evasion at every rank.
  • The rare skill Glancing Blows now grants more Evasion at every rank.
  • The rare skill Summon Demon now grants more HP at every rank.
  • The Barbarian skill Lion’s Roar now grants more HP at rank 3.
  • The Thief skill Scoundrel now grants more Dagger ATK bonus at rank 3.
  • The Cleric skill Divine Intervention now grants more HP regeneration at rank 2 and 3.
  • Increased Lilu’s healing granted by her Tier 3 and 4 skills (now 10 and 20, respectively).
  • Increased the Lizard’s Spirit regeneration skill from 1 to 3 HP per round.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where gems rewards from the Piggy Bank would not immediately update the player’s gem count.
  • The Wyrmguard blueprint now requires wood as its primary resource rather than iron. This was an oversight.
  • Fixed a bug where enchanting a legendary item with a non legendary enchantment did not award the “Item of Renown” achievement.
  • Fixed a bug where 100% enchant success had an infinitesimal chance to fail (1 in 2147483647). Our condolences to shopkeeper Ziibez for finding this bug.
  • Blueprints with a resource cost reduced to 0 will no longer require that resource’s bin.
  • Fixed some Rudo dialogue animations playing at the wrong times during his introduction and shop visits.

Server Update - October 8th

We have pushed a small server update to fix some issues, here are the notes:

  • Fixed the Champion's Lance 2nd ascension level granting 20% multicraft chance when it should be 10%
  • Fixed a guild notification missing a string for when a guildmate crafts an exceptional item
  • Fixed the 5th Ether and Jewel resource bins costing 10mil instead of 100mil
  • Fixed the Sylvanel Blueprint's first ascension level reducing the Herb cost rather than the Ironwood.