Posted to Updates on October 22nd, 2019

Version 2.2.1 Release Notes

Hey Shopkeepers,

We've got a small update out now to address some issues and bugs surfaced recently.

  • Fixed an issue with multiple items that would cause them to display improperly if of superior or higher quality.
  • Fixed an issue where players wouldn't be able to open the furniture menu.
  • Fixed an issue with wands being held improperly by heroes.
  • Fixed an issue where enchantments purchased from the Wizard or Priestess would not be added to your enchantment inventory if your item inventory was full.
  • Fixed an issue where customers would request non-enchanted version of elemental blueprints.
  • Fixed an issue where trade requests would sometimes display the wrong minimum market value.
  • Removed the UI icon for special offers when inside the city to prevent overlapping with building icons.
  • Fixed the Hard Boss from the Barren Wasteland dropping less components than intended.
  • Fixed the Hard Chronos Ruins monster dealing much less damage than intended with group attacks.
  • Reduced the Powderkeg multicraft chance from Ascension 2 down to its intended 10%.
  • Temporarily disabled requesting elemental blueprints from the market as they won't be fulfill-able, we will push a fix for this in the next release.