Posted to Updates on January 7th, 2020

Version 3.2.0 Release Notes

New Features

Bonus Expansion Slots

Bonus Expansion Slots are now available! For advanced players who have already maxed out their shop, it is now possible to gain a few extra upgrades for +1 Furniture Space each. These expansion levels only affect the amount of furniture allowed in the shop, not its physical size.

Market Request Matching

If a player makes a market request and an offer with a matching (or better!) price exists at any point during the request’s lifetime, the request will automatically be fulfilled using that offer. This feature is only applicable for gold offers for the time being.

Special Login Event

Tune in on January 24 for a special login event! King Reinhold told us gems may be involved...

Engineer & Scholar Customizations

Hiring the Scholar or the Engineer will also grant access to a unique shopkeeper customization for each. These customizations are Roxanne’s Hat for the Engineer, and Evelyn’s Wand for the Scholar.

Players who have purchased these workers in the past will also receive these customizations.

Champion Stories

New story chapters are available for Argon, Lilu, Sia, Yami and Rudo.

Major Changes

Merchant Level Up Screen

The celebration screen when a merchant gains a level will now display all the new unlocks made available with this new level. This generally means things like new slots being available for a gold purchase, new Hero classes, and so on.

Ad System

Our Ad system has been extended to a handful of new countries. By popular demand, Royal Merchant subscribers can now skip ads entirely while reaping their benefits. For conscientious objectors, a new option has also been added to the Settings menu, allowing players to prevent any and all ad opportunities from showing up at all.

Equip Hero from Market

It is now possible to filter market offers when equipping a Hero from the Market. If you only want to see swords because your Hero is a swordmaster, or only Fire-enchanted items for your Berserker, this new option is sure to be useful.

Other Changes

  • Increased the max merchant level from 80 to 99.
  • 4 new Hero slots are now available for purchase, starting at level 76.
  • Added 6 new statues to the Grab Bags. Individual statues are no longer exclusive to a bag color and all can be found in any of them.
  • It is now possible to see the statues you own (out of all the statues available) from the Grab Bag menu.
  • The daily reroll for the Token Store will now reset daily, rather than 24h after use.
  • It is now possible to access the Bounty Board from the Goals screen, even if you have an ongoing bounty.
  • It is now possible to rush bounties with gems. Like crafts and quests, the cost will adapt depending on progress made on the bounty.
  • Added an achievement for Polonia’s rank 11. We totally didn’t forget.
  • Improved the customization flow as part of the Hero hire screen.
  • Better balanced the visitor offers from Freyja and Grimar so that they are equally likely to sell Enchantments or their respective specialty items.
  • The number of pending guild requests will now be displayed on the “Guild Request” tab of the guild member help panel.
  • A notification will be sent when a guild member makes or fulfills a request.
  • Added back Craft Runestone bounties.

Balance Changes

  • We’ve reduced the investment threshold to level up certain buildings. Existing investments will automatically adapt and level up those buildings if the new thresholds are met.
    • The Master's Lodge, The Smelter, Ironwood Sawmill, Oil Press and Weaver investment thresholds have been reduced by 33%.
    • The Ether Well and Jewel Storehouse investment thresholds have been reduced by 40%.
    • The Academy investment thresholds have been reduced by 66%, making it equal in cost to the Laboratory.
  • The grace period for building debt will also end with this update.
  • XP drinks are no longer limited to 1 level per drink. For example, a Mega XP Drink on a level 1 character might rocket it forward quite a few levels.
  • Doubled the Token reward for the Fortune Zone’s Jackpot.
  • Rebalanced all HP bonus skills to grant much more powerful multipliers to HP, at the cost of reduced flat HP bonuses.
  • “Gather components” daily tasks will now require greater quantities. Not too difficult, but less of an afterthought.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing some bounties from completing and clearing correctly.
  • Fixed a bug causing event-specific customizations to become hidden during a different event (The pumpkin heads in this case). All missing pumpkins have been restored.
  • Fixed a display issue on furniture upgrades benefiting from guild perks, making them display inaccurate information.
  • Fixed a display bug on the market listings screen, preventing the item sold to be displayed alongside the currency earned.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Santa’s Sled furniture to be impossible to move.
  • Fixed a bug causing Worker Statue decorations to grant much more prestige than intended.
  • Fixed a bug causing item icons to appear low-resolution on reward screens.
  • Fixed a bug on the market causing offers sorted by -gems or -gold to display incorrectly
  • Fixed a few cases of inventory count displaying inaccurate values.
  • Fixed a bug causing the inventory count found on the rack content display to be inaccurate.
  • Improved the Guild Hall view on some phone resolutions, to prevent guild members from being cut off.
  • Fixed incorrect text being displayed when canceling a request or guild request.
  • Fixed guild requests not working if accessed through the help menu found in the middle of the city.
  • Fixed Polonia Coins incorrectly displaying as Lilu Coins.
  • Fixed guild members all bearing the MVP tag during the weekly bounty report.
  • Fixed a bug during Hero creation where gem customizations would appear free, but prevent the Hero from being created.