Posted to Updates on March 25th, 2020

Version 3.5.0 Release Notes

New Features

Tier 9 Enchantments

Tier 9 Enchantments are now available to unlock and craft! Enhance your items and lend their power to your Heroes, whether it be Elements or Spirits! What happened to Tier 3 enchantments, you ask? Read below to learn more!

With a new Element limit of 90 (from 60), many silver and gold skills also now have higher ranks available, thanks to these new powerful Elements.

Champion Power Up

Champions all maxed up and coins collecting dust? Try Champion Power Ups! Champions at rank 11 can now receive permanent stat increases at the cost of some coins, with the price increasing for each power up.

Champions will be limited to 20 Power Ups for the time being, but this limit will be increased in the future.

Name Change

It is now possible to change your player name through your profile! All players will be given one free name change, with further name changes costing gems.

Account Linking

It is now possible to link your account, allowing play across multiple devices. This option can be found in the Settings menu.


Various optimizations have been done to the game’s performance, especially around menus. They should run much smoother now.

Major Changes

Excess Quest Loot

Quest loot received that exceeds your inventory space will now automatically be turned to gold, albeit at an unfavorable ratio. This includes both equipment and component drops.

Previously, such items were simply discarded, so this a net benefit.

Enchantment Tiers

Enchantments are now categorized as Tier 4, 7 and 9 to better reflect their values and crafting requirements. This also puts them more in line with other items in terms of Market accessibility.

Their actual statistics and effects remain otherwise unchanged.

Enchantment Success Rates

When enchanting a quality item with an enchantment of lower quality, the odds of success will now depend on the Tier of the enchantment being used. Tier 4 enchantments (once known as Tier 1) will keep the same odds, but Tier 7 and Tier 9 will see reduced rates of success.

Friendship Improvements

We’ve made various improvements to the systems introduced with the Friendship mechanic. Dusting guildmate shops and sending gifts should be a much smoother experience overall.

Other Changes

  • A 3D preview of a rack (alongside with its content) is now displayed when inspecting it.
  • Added a “recent” sorting option for quests.
  • The number of available Heroes is now displayed on the quest screen.
  • The Holiday Pack and the St. Patrick’s Golden Offer have been added to the Flashback pool of offers.

Balance Changes

  • Gun blueprints now require Iron and Steel rather than Wood and Steel.
  • The following blueprints now bear a Tier 9 Element : Prometheon, Tidebringer, Gaia Enforcer, Storm Dragon Mask, Purgatory and Plaguewalkers. Existing items should be updated automatically.
  • Lilu’s Leader Skill now also grants an HP bonus to the party (from +10% to +25% at rank 4)
  • The unlock order of Spirit enchantments has changed. Instead of having to go through each spirit individually to unlock them all, they now unlock in a manner similar to Elements.
  • The critical chance and attack bonus for the Whirlwind Attack skill have been reduced slightly. Its original attack power (and more!) can be reached again by upgrading it.
  • Rebalanced the Renown cost of City Boosts. In order of most to least expensive, they are now : Craft Boost > Resource Boost > Quest Boost > XP Boost.
  • Merchant levels required to unlock Tiers on the market have been increased. Players now unlock a new tier every 7 levels (from 5).
  • The Ninja’s Innate skill Evasion Bonus has been reduced to 15% (from 20%). The previous evasion bonus can still be reached by upgrading the skill to rank 3.
  • Reduced the effect of the Viper Spirit to 15% Critical Damage (from 20%).
  • Players will no longer be able to randomly find Champion Coins of characters they’ve not met yet.
  • The resource bin upgrade for uncommon resources has been reduced in power across all levels. It now caps at 12 (from 18).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where rushing a guildmate’s expansion time would cost more gems than intended.
  • Fixed some instances of Hero XP bonuses being referred to as Quest XP.
  • Fixed some sorting issues on the blueprint crafting menu. More valuable items will now be sorted first, even as part of the same tier.
  • Fixed Royal Merchant rewards in the LCOG reward track displaying the wrong description
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from changing quest difficulty after viewing the Keybearer quest.
  • Fixed inaccurate clickboxes on Heroes when setting up a 5 character quest (such as LCOG)
  • Fixed a bug causing the friendship XP bar sound effect to play infinitely after dusting a guildmate shop.
  • Fixed the Troblin Chief’s name appearing as “forest_boss_name” during Yami’s story.
  • Tweaked some Sword portraits that were facing the wrong way.

Server Update - 3/26/2020

We've deployed the following fixes for issues that arose after the v3.5.0 update.

  • Fixed a crash upon opening a Gold Chest.
  • Fixed Master Sniper granting 50% evasion instead of 5%.
  • Fixed the Dancer's skill Devastating Riposte granting a 5% evasion that overwrote the critical damage bonus. It now grants 100% critical damage bonus.
  • Fixed Chiseled Runestone crafting time being much higher than intended.
  • Fixed the confused Prometheon shield having a Tempest element instead of Blaze.

Server Update - 3/30/2020

We've deployed another server update with the following changes:

  • Lowered requirements of some later tier market unlocks. Tier 7 now unlocks at level 40, 8 at 45, and 9 at 50.
  • The Master is now a secondary worker for the Chiseled Runestone. While it is an added requirement, it also significantly speeds up its crafting time.
  • Tier 9 Spirits now require Jewels to craft.
  • Fixed Lucky Medallion having a higher suggest energy cost than intended.