Posted to Updates on April 15th, 2020

Version 3.6.0 Release Notes

New Features

Steam PC Release

Mouse clicks have joined finger taps in the world of Shop Titans! Players who have signed up for the Steam Beta will receive an email soon, allowing them to download the game. After launching the game, make sure to click the “Already have an account?” button to link your mobile account to steam.

We are eagerly awaiting your feedback!

Major Changes

Market & Gems

Shop Titans’ player-driven market is without a doubt one of the game’s defining features, allowing players both new and old to interact and trade to fulfill each other's various needs. Even free players can make clever use of the market to earn some gems and progress alongside premium players! These interactions are an integral part of the game, one that the Shop Titans team wishes to protect.

Unfortunately, these key factors also make the market a target for various forms of fraud and abuse, two problems we have been actively combating since the game’s launch. These issues are tricky to handle though, as we also strive to avoid affecting our player base with changes meant to prevent abuse.

One such avenue of abuse is the creation of multiple accounts for the sake of funneling gems into a main account, or for resale through third parties. Previously, we have set a level requirement in place (level 25) before gems could be traded on the Market. In practice, this served as little more than a speed bump for motivated abusers.

As part of this update, we will be doing away with the level requirement entirely, and replacing it with an achievement requirement. Specifically, a new achievement, “Gem Expert”, which requires you to spend 600 gems anywhere else in the game. These gems can be free gems earned by playing or purchased from the premium store, and they can be spent anywhere, such as opening chests, purchasing shop upgrades and so on. Once the achievement is unlocked, the player will be able to buy and sell on the Market with gems.

As we aim to curb the creation of fraudulent new accounts, those created before this update will not be affected by this change.


Players need to spend 600 gems in the game before being able to use gems on the market. Existing players are unaffected by this change.


Bounties have received a balance touch-up. They should now be much less likely to scale beyond your means (such as asking for T9 crafts after acquiring an LCOG blueprint) and should generally scale better with player progression. Hard bounty requirements have been lessened slightly, while Medium and Easy ones should ask for less items, but of a higher tier.

Other Changes

  • Mastered blueprint cards are now fully golden again, by popular demand.
  • Quest bosses now showcase their component reward alongside their chance to drop a key.
  • The roman numerals on enchanted items now display I, II and III rather than the original enchantment’s tier.
  • Players will no longer be able to sell items on the market with a value greater than their net worth. Very few players will be affected by this change.
  • Decorations purchased from seasonal packages will now display a red notification leading players to its location in the inventory.
  • Inventory count for items is now displayed when making market requests.
  • Racks and bins in storage are now taken out in order of highest level to lowest, rather than the opposite.

Balance Changes

  • Reduced the amount of components received from boss fights.
  • Reduced the amount of components found in the Haunted Castle.
  • Significantly increased the amount of Clears required to level up dungeons. The previous change was a bit too extreme! Current players will not see their quest levels downgraded as part of this change.
  • The Shark spirit skill attack bonus has been lowered to 20% (from 35%).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a visual issue where Polonia’s Champion Skill displayed an outdated value.
  • Fixed the player name entry not having a minimum character limit.
  • Fixed an issue causing enchantments to be sorted in reverse order during the enchantment process.
  • Fixed the “Available Heroes” counter displaying wrong values on the quest screen.
  • Fixed an issue preventing T9 enchantments from displaying when enchanting from the market.
  • Fixed an issue where resources packs from the Fortune Zone rewards did not scale properly.
  • Fixed an obscure exploit allowing some players to put up trades at prices well beyond the maximum allowed.
  • Fixed an obscure exploit allowing some players to craft and trade seasonal pack items earlier than intended.
  • Fixed the Grab Bag exclusive rewards screen appearing completely empty.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Yggdrasil Branch and the Luckiest Clover to have the HP stat of a potion item.