Posted to Updates on September 30th, 2020

Version 5.1.0 Release Notes

This update is slated for release next week!

New Features

Tier 10 is Here!

The seas churn and quake as a mysterious new dungeon rises from its depths... The Sunken Temple has opened its doors! Brave adventurers not afraid to go for a swim will be able to challenge the reptilian Mermaid Queen for her very valuable components… if they can handle the pressure.

This new Tier brings forth even more valuable blueprints in each item line, alongside a new chest, key, and elemental blueprints. Look forward to the chunky Juggernaut armor set, the glimmering Goldmane Guard shield and the resplendent Opal Diadem magician hat!

Seed Rework

As promised, we’ve revisited the core mechanics of the Seed items and their interaction with Heroes and Champions.

Instead of allowing players to reset their seeds, we’ve decided to instead allow 40 seeds per type on each character, for a total of 120 seeds. We’ve also improved the flow and menus surrounding these items.

Ascension Milestones Extended

The ascension milestones of each item line have been extended. Masters of an item line can expect to spend less resources crafting and also receive more gold from surcharges involving their favorite items.

The requirements for past ascension milestones of the following item types have also been lowered: Guns, Crossbows, Wands, Elements, Spirits.

Guild Perks Extended

New guild perks have been added to the game. High level guilds can look forward to permanent resource regeneration bonuses and bigger stack size for trade slots.

Lost City of Gold+

The gilded halls of the Lost City Gold have shifted with the arrival of Tier 10. Tougher difficulties are now available, promising even more Pure Gold to those who can tackle this challenge.

The Grand Prize of events past has been relegated to a silver-tier prize, now rotating among all the T7-T9 luxury blueprints currently in the game. The newest Grand Prize will feature an extremely valuable T10 opulent blueprint, craftable only with Opulent Jewels. These rare components are exclusive to the top end of the reward track!

Starter Pack Blueprints

Joining the ranks of the Kunai, 3 new early-game blueprints have been added to the King’s starter pack offers.

Players who have purchased these packs in the past will be retroactively granted the appropriate blueprints. Those who have elected not to buy them can find the blueprints in the Antique Store rotation, provided their Shop Titans account is at least 3 months old.

The King’s Carriage

King Reinhold holds Royal Merchants of 11+ months in great esteem, and has deemed them worthy of borrowing the King’s Coolest Carriage, our largest exterior decoration yet. The prestige isn’t too shabby either!

Steam Achievements

Shop Titans now has official Steam Achievements, which should automatically synchronize if they have been previously earned.

Steam Guild Chat

Steam players can now take their guild chat outside of Shop Titans, and into the steam interface itself. Keep in touch with your guild even while playing another game!

This new feature is exclusive to the Steam platform and needs to be activated by individual players who wish to join in. This can be done inside the guild hall.

Balance Changes

  • The King’s Caprice timers are now longer, allowing more time to make use of each individual Caprice.
  • Recycling items will now grant resources based on its modified resource cost (after upgrades and ascensions) rather than the base cost.
  • “Gather Component” bounties will now actually ask for components relevant for your current progression.

Major Changes

Pet Food

We’ve updated the 3 food types available to pets to better serve the differing playstyles of our playerbase.

  • The first food is now completely free at all pet levels, offering about as much XP as it did before.
  • The second food now costs as much and grants as much XP as the third food used to.
  • The third food can now only be purchased with gems, granting more XP than the other 2 choices. The other food types can no longer be purchased with gems.

Gem Help

To curb growing abuse, it is now required to have a Friendship level of at least 10 with a guildmate in order to rush their upgrade timers with gems.

Enchantments on the Market

Enchanted items can no longer be traded on the market (save for Elemental Blueprints). Enchantments themselves can still be traded.

Click here for more details.

Minor Changes

  • Improved the flow around filling racks directly from the market.
  • It is now possible to more accurately filter items when preparing an offer or request on the market.
  • Runestones can now be bought/sold in stacks of 50 on the market, as is the rule for components.
  • It is now possible to skip through the “auto-sell” animation during the quest results screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed newly hired Champions glowing awkwardly as part of the celebration screen
  • Fixed a very subtle issue where the left foot of customers would leave the footprint of a right foot and vice versa.
  • Fixed the Mysterious “Reinhold Quest” bounty that occasionally showed up during the King Caprice event. Don’t look too hard into it, it’s really just a weird bug.
  • Fixed a bunch of accessories not granting any Favor when crafted under the “Craft any accessory” King Caprice.
  • Fixed the King’s Caprice Favor gains displaying nonsensical numbers, sometimes at illogical times.
  • Fixed the Chieftain class wearing a shirt when it should be bare chested. Shredded abs are a sight for all to see, or so says the emperor.
  • Fixed a bug where items stolen by Polonia would actually go above the player’s inventory capacity, while also granting gold as if they were automatically sold on the quest result screen.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when rotating the camera in the Pets menu.
  • Fixed the Pet shadows occasionally being misaligned.
  • Fixed Pet XP bar progress continuing to visually increase after switching Pets.
  • Fixed hamster wheel animation occasionally not being in sync with hamster.
  • Fixed Academy Locker furniture never triggering animation.
  • Fixed items occasionally displaying on Rack without accessory boxes.
  • Fixed the gold icon being visible underneath Limited Edition! icon on customer sell menu.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur after visiting a guild member and then attempting to view any member in the guild hall.
  • Fixed partial blocker when clicking fortune ticket prompt above avatar during a pack's initial sale introduction.
  • Fixed Piggy Bank not being claimable if at the exact amount requested.
  • Fixed Bounty Board component bounties never asking for Haunted Castle components.
  • Fixed Weekly Renown not immediately reflecting current level after completing bounty and leveling up.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when dismantling several items.
  • Fixed ranking up Champion after completing story skipping Champion's rank up details screen.
  • Fixed "Heroes Available" count in Quest Selection including Champions not yet hired.
  • Fixed players not being able to skip through "MAX" animation in quest loot screen.
  • Fixed relisting a Market offer or request not clearing notification.
  • Fixed Runestones request stack capping at 25 instead of 50.
  • Fixed an occasional crash after completing a Tower of Titans floor and idling.
  • Fixed incorrect floor number being displayed on the Quest Complete screen of the Tower of Titans.
  • Fixed an issue where Tower of Titans boss names could be improperly displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect reward and/or count was being displayed when inspecting a reward on King's Caprice track.
  • Fixed misaligned menu when viewing King's Caprice menu on certain aspect ratios.
  • Fixed Runestones being counted as Accessories in King's Caprice.
  • Fixed missing icon for King's Caprice rankings leaderboard.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after purchasing a decoration or customization from the Antique Shop.
  • Fixed an issue where you could cycle through items you’d already purchased in the Antique Shop.
  • Fixed an issue where you could purchase an item in the Antique Shop that had already been acquired from Throwback/Flashback offer.