Posted to Updates on November 2nd, 2020

Version 5.2.1 Release Notes

New Features

The Shop Basement

You can now make good use of your shop basement to further enhance your shop! Store bins and racks you don’t want to see and replace them with all the decorations you want while still keeping their benefits!

Up to 68 basement slots can be purchased to store either your racks or your bins. While this does not provide more furniture space to your shop, it frees up floor space you might require to be creative with your layout! Bins and racks stored in the basement keep their bonuses active, so you can still benefit from the resources and energy that they grant.

Pet Customizations

Introducing a brand new line of fashion accessories for your faithful companions! These miniaturized hats, glasses and other silly accessories are available for all pet types, and make your little friends truly unique and dashing!

Balance Changes

  • The Battering Blows skill now grants a percentage bonus to HP instead of a flat one.
  • Reworked the visual layout of the King’s Caprice event to improve clarity and legibility.
  • During the King’s Caprice event, overlapping caprices (such as Craft Heavy Armor and Craft Any Armor) will grant bonus Favor for items that match them.
  • Increased the frequency of the Hot Item cycle during the King’s Caprice event.

Major Changes

Tower of Titans : Alpha and Beta

The Alpha and Beta difficulties of the Tower of Titans have been rebalanced. They required a disproportionately extreme effort from newer players, as they do not have many heroes to cycle through its many floors. Furthermore, this completely prevented them from gathering regular components during the event.

For this reason, the Alpha and Beta towers now require a party of 3 Heroes (down from 4) and have been made easier to account for this fact. Some of the early rewards of these towers will also reward a nice chunk of components to make up for the regular questing these players must forgo.

Minor Changes

  • Added new Caprice categories to the King’s Caprice event, including spirits and elemental enchantments.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a couple of Hero classes that earned their 2nd skill at level 12 instead of 10.
  • Fixed an issue where the King’s Favor icon was visible on all Leaderboards.
  • Fixed an issue where guilds could not purchase the Rank 10 Rare Resource Boost
  • Fixed an issue where the values for the last Ascension milestones wouldn’t display correctly; they now show up as the intended 5% surcharge value bonus per item type and 1% surcharge value bonus for all items.
  • Fixed an issue causing difficulty 11 and 12 of LCOG to drop Golden Keys at approximately 200x the regular rate.
  • Increased the research scroll cost of most T10 blueprints, as it was lower than intended.
  • An error message will now appear when attempting to store furniture that is upgrading.
  • Fixed an issue where crafting from the blueprint info menu was skipping the prompt to confirm using a higher quality item than requested.
  • Fixed an issue where Tier 1 blueprints had a resource cost of zero when certain ascension milestones were obtained.
  • Fixed the "Buy from Market" button not functioning on the "Unlock Blueprint" menu for chest blueprints.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when filling and switching between Racks.
  • Fixed an issue that caused portions of the HUD being hidden when triggering Pets' Energy tooltip in Pets menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spellblade animation in Hero Creation menu would end prematurely.
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when navigating to the city screen.
  • Fixed an issue where some filter selection menus in the Market were plagued by slow scrolling.
  • Fixed tooltips for the main HUD being misaligned in the "Create Listing" menu on Market.
  • Fixed tooltips for resources and components being misaligned in blueprint details menu.
  • Fixed some minor misaligned texts on a button in the King's Caprice.
  • Fixed bulk enchantment removal only destroying one item's enchantment instead the entire stack.
  • Fixed missing or improper rounding after surcharging an item when certain ascension milestones are attained.
  • Fixed a small issue where removing a blueprint from Favorites would mark it as a recently crafted blueprint.