Posted to Updates on November 30th, 2020

Version 6.0.0 Release Notes

New Features

From distant lands come the dragons of legend! Armed with a wealth of knowledge, they are willing to share these exotic crafting methods to those that would befriend them.

The Sun Dragon

Sondra is the master of fusion. Though he does not craft any items by himself, he is able to fuse identical items together to obtain crafts of a higher quality!

Sondra is available for hire to all players of level 27 and up.

The Moon Dragon

Mundra knows next to nothing about fusion, but she is STRONG. Only she can craft the powerful Moonstones needed for all fusions, so you definitely want her on your side.

Alongside the Moonstones Blueprint Line, she also crafts a few unique and powerful items from various other item lines.

Her unique power imbues the player with the power of the Full Moon, permanently granting them access to the powerful Full Moon fusions.

Mundra Items

The various items crafted by Mundra bear a unique spirit, not found anywhere else in the game. Mundra’s Spirit grants enhanced attack and defense, but only against bosses. She really hates bosses.

Item Fusion

Once Sondra is hired, players can combine several item copies of the same quality together into the same item of a higher quality. This process takes time and moonstones, but does not require any resources.

Full Moon Fusion

Some powerful fusion only becomes available when the dragon siblings are empowered by the moon. During a Full Moon (in real life), these special fusions can be performed by everyone.

Whereas regular fusion only involves transforming items into higher quality versions, Full Moon Fusions involve more unique recipes, such as turning Research Scrolls into Ascension Shards, chests into components, and much more.

Mundra extends the power of the Full Moon to players who hire her, meaning they can craft these special recipes at all times.


Moonstones function very similarly to Runestones. They can only be crafted by Mundra and are used for all fusions. Like Runestones, they can also be found in various places, such as chests, quests, grab bags, the market and more.

Balance Changes

  • Surcharging no longer rounds the resulting value.
  • Increased quantity of Runestone rewards from chests.
  • Slightly increased the power of the Dance of Blades skill
  • Reduced the amount of items displayed on racks needed to reach maximum customer flow.
  • Increased the drop rate of chests in all dungeons. Other drop categories are not affected.
  • Heroes can no longer learn two different Mastery type skills (including Shield Mastery). Heroes that already know several such skills will remain unchanged, but further skill rerolls will obey this rule.
  • “Gold” Mastery skills (Warlord, Marksman, Adept) can no longer exist together on the same Hero, but can be learned alongside a Bronze mastery skill (see above).

Minor Changes

  • Clarified resource ascension milestones upgrades.
  • Added a few new achievements related to fusion.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the “Any Armor” caprice only counting Body Armor crafts.
  • Fixed an instance where furniture could overlap each other after completing an upgrade.
  • Fixed Piggy Bank notification not triggering after meeting required gold threshold.
  • Fixed an issue where Guitar pack and Sombrero pack contained mismatched customizations (Guitar in Sombrero pack and Sombrero in Guitar pack).
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to bypass Friendship Level requirement for rushing guildmate's furniture upgrade.
  • Fixed an instance where users could soft-lock during the Basement tutorial if furniture was placed next to the counter.
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to buy gear for their heroes at higher tier than intended for their level.
  • Fixed an issue where another guild request could be made before time restriction had elapsed.
  • Fixed Academy pants and Academy skirts having their names switched around.
  • Fixed a rare occurrence where two instances of the same Caprices could exist at the same time during King's Caprice.
  • Fixed issue where Racks stored in Basement displayed incorrect Energy values.
  • Fixed an issue where help could be requested twice for Basement expansion upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue where Rack navigation would cease to work after filling Rack from Market.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dresser of Autumn didn’t have the correct size.