Posted to Updates on June 22nd, 2021

Version 7.1.0 Release Notes

New Content

  • Added a new Fur Coat customization for shopkeepers. The smell is a bit… but hey, it was ninety-nine gems!
  • A new Royal Merchant Loyalty reward has been added at month 7. It is a golden bust of King Reinhold himself, the Monument of the Majestic Monarch.

Major Changes

  • Claiming Fusion results will no longer play the cauldron animation, unless said fusion has a failure chance.
  • “Sell items” daily tasks will now try to ask for items you already own.
  • Daily tasks will no longer ask for Luxurious or Opulent items.

Minor Changes

  • Fusions now count for task and bounty completion, if the results match.
  • The Archivist Glasses and Tome of All Knowledge blueprints are now set as Special blueprints. This will restrict their drops in a manner similar to seasonal pack content (won’t show up in bounties and tasks unless you own it, won’t drop in quests, etc).
  • Fusion slots now have an appropriately colored background during King’s Caprice if the result would reward Favor.
  • Guild members will now receive a notification when the Guild’s Choice changes.
  • The Guild Friendship menu has been improved to provide more information.
  • While on the market, locked item tiers can be tapped to learn at which merchant level they will unlock.

Balance Changes

  • Increased the difficulty of Stone type bounties, as they were inadvertently made much easier with previous refactors to the Bounty system.
  • Rebalanced the gem price of several Hero slots.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed component tiers on the market sometimes appearing as wildly impossible numbers.
  • Fixed a crash involving Stone-type items leading to the Collection Book upon mastering them.
  • Fixed a crash upon donating to the Collection Book immediately after mastering an item.
  • Fixed Collection Book notification being visible on profiles other than the player’s.
  • Fixed Steam hotkeys flipping Collection Book page categories while viewing individual item pages.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when accessing the Avatar Editor.
  • Fixed issue with some names displaying improperly when using certain characters.
  • Fixed overlapping icon on main HUD when multiple offers/events are active.
  • Fixed display issue on Bounty Board UI when for players with certain characters in their names.
  • Fixed a case where players could be warned twice about using a locked item when fusing.
  • Fixed fusion details menu during King's Caprice not displaying Favor.
  • Fixed issue in fusion menu where player would not be prompted to buy missing components if fusing multiple items at once.
  • Fixed issue where inventory count in Racks menu would display "x1" on some items and not on others.
  • Fixed string on Disenchant menu not being properly localized for non-English languages.
  • Fixed missing background images for some Flashback offers on Blast from the Past prompt.
  • Fixed issue where Luna pet skin would not display properly in Antique Shop.
  • Fixed Guild Perk description erroneously displaying description of previously viewed Guild Boost.
  • Fixed issue with placement of tooltip for Mundra's Spirit on hero equipment menu.
  • Fixed issue where "Last Online" was missing from Player Profile when not viewed through Guild menu first.
  • Fixed "Recent" tab for fusions menu not displaying available fusions first.
  • Fixed Fusion menu not properly updating inventory count of fusion materials after fusing.
  • Fixed common-quality filter not functioning properly on the market.
  • Fixed a Vanity Gear bug causing the default equipped item to revert to common quality (visually) if Vanity Gear was removed.
  • Fixed sigil fusions having a gold border (as they are not full moon fusions).
  • Fixed a few old pack items appearing in Bounties for players that did not own them.