Posted to Updates on July 16th, 2021

Version 7.1.1 Release Notes

Major Changes

Backend Infrastructure

We’ve spent considerable efforts over the past months completely restructuring many of our backend systems. While this is almost completely invisible to the player, it is absolutely vital to ensure Shop Titans’ continued development.

New Content

New Stories

New Champion stories have been added for Hemma.

Minor Changes

  • The Antique Store will now avoid showcasing the same item twice per event.
  • The Cat Nose and Dog Nose customizations are now available for gems.
  • Players can now join a guild they don’t meet the level requirement for, if they receive an invitation.
  • Shopkeepers will now play their handheld accessory animation when viewed through their player profile.

Balance Changes

  • Sigil fusions now grant 4 sigils per fusion. The moonstone cost is now 4, and the component cost is slightly more than doubled. The Flawless item cost remains unchanged.
  • Mundra’s offer will now show up immediately after the Fusion tutorial, without requiring the player to perform fusions.
  • The Sun Dragon is now available for hire at merchant level 25 (from 27)
  • Seasonal offers (also known as Mega Packs) are now available at merchant level 30 (from 25)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a case where a Hero’s Power rating wouldn’t update properly if being equipped from the market on the quest preparation screen.
  • The craft button in the collection book will now lead players to that item’s crafting menu rather than immediately crafting that item.
  • Fixed market window closing itself automatically whenever the player met the requirements of the item they were crafting.
  • Fixed item quantity not updating correctly while placing items on racks
  • Fixed some cases of total ascension scores not adding up correctly
  • Fixed the Guild’s Choice guild notification text referring to the building’s ID instead of name.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Hemma from starting a quest if the base power of a Hero was lower than the minimum.
  • Fixed the 22nd reward of the Collection Book track missing a 0 for its Royal Merchant gold reward.
  • Fixed collection book data for Biggest Sale always displaying as 0.
  • Fixed the layering shader on the Pinwheels & Balloons decoration
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur while customizing your avatar in the Avatar Editor.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to dust player's shop after they had been kicked from the guild.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to view details of an Enchantment fusion. (This would also cause the Moonstone bar to replace the Energy bar)
  • Fixed an issue where the quantity arrow(s) on Fusion menu would erroneously remain grayed out.
  • Fixed Collection Book notification appearing when discovering a new blueprint.
  • Fixed issue where NPC visitor would get stuck outside shop if game was restarted during their dialog. This should fix future cases of Wallace/Reinhold getting stuck outside the shop forever and preventing some events from triggering.
  • Fixed King's Caprice "Personal Contribution Progress" menu using the wrong icon in its title bar.
  • Fixed issue with "Buy from Market" cards disappearing occasionally in Collection Book. Keep in mind that if an item does not exist on the market, its card will not be displayed. This is intended behavior.
  • Fixed issue where arrow keys/hotkeys did not work properly when navigating through offers/events in main HUD.
  • Fixed display issue in Collection Book when switching between Portrait and Landscape.
  • Fixed minor display issue when unlocking new Royal Merchant loyalty reward.
  • Fixed Market result not being sorted properly when accessed through the Hero equipment menu.
  • Corrected "Katana" blueprint name in Spanish locale.
  • Fixed attempting to start Full Moon Fusion without Mundra not prompting you to hire Mundra.
  • Fixed error message for Blueprints you cannot craft improperly referencing a worker's building level instead of the worker’s.
  • Fixed decrement buttons on Guild Requests not functioning properly.