Posted to Updates on September 3rd, 2021

Version 7.2.0 Release Notes

Hey Shopkeepers,

We have release notes for our upcoming Pillars & Paintings Update, Version 7.2.0, slated for release next week.

New Content

Shop Frames

A sturdy shop supported by wooden beams is good… but we can do better. These six new Shop Frames are here to give your shop that final touch to finally complete its look!

Each Shop Frame provides a different style to the beams, pillars and door frame of your shop. Swing by the Customize menu and check them out!

Wall Decorations

A whole new dimension of decoration has hit the shop floor… or wall! New Flowers, portraits and window decorations can now be placed on your shop’s walls; a perfect fit for your new Shop Frame!

Swaggy Donuts

A strange donut is now available as an exterior decoration...

Major Changes

Collection Book Improvements

  • Donation status is now displayed on mastered blueprint cards. This can also be seen on Fusion cards.
  • Users can now cycle through item categories while viewing individual items in the Collection Book.
  • A new button is now available on the Masterpiece celebration screen, allowing players to see the collection status for this particular item.
  • It is now possible to donate items that are currently equipped on Heroes. These items will be clearly indicated, and sorted at the end of the list. There will also be an additional warning to prevent any mistakes, as well as an option to hide them entirely.
  • Enchanted items can now be donated to the collection book, though doing so will destroy the enchantment in the process.
  • The number of items available to donate is now displayed on top of many collection book buttons throughout the game. This number does not include items you may not wish to donate (e.g enchanted items and those equipped on Heroes).
  • Various item tooltips (such as items found from chests or quests) will now display if the item can be donated to your collection book.

Luxurious Chest & Opulent Chest

The Golden Chest has been split into two chests, The Luxurious Chest and the Opulent Chest.

The Luxurious Chest is almost identical to the old Golden Chest, containing the lower tier LCOG blueprints (the Luxurious ones), though it’s secondary rewards have been lowered to match its gem price.

The new Opulent Chest contains the higher tier LCOG blueprints (Opulent), alongside more valuable secondary rewards on par with the Bleak Chest. This includes Opulent Jewels.

The Opulent Chest and its keys can only be found in the LCOG reward track, or from the higher difficulties of the dungeon.

Minor Changes

  • Added filters to the market when accessed through the Fusion menu
  • Ascending items will no longer put them at the top of the Recent craft menu.
  • Rings, Amulets, Wands, Crossbows and Guns will now automatically unlock their first 3 tiers when their associated worker is hired.
  • Added new Hot Pink color for avatar customization.
  • Removed the 48 hours requirement to generate a Superior or Flashback offer. Buying the Mega Pack at any time generate a follow up offer 24 hours later.

Balance Changes

  • Daily offers which upgrade item qualities will no longer target common or superior items.
  • All Mundra blueprints are now worth significantly more Worker XP.
  • Reduced the quantity of Booster items found in some of the later chests.
  • Increased quantity of Moonstones found in some of the later chests.
  • Increased the level required to hire Sondra back to 27 (from 25).
  • Reduced the requirements of the “JACKPOT!!!” achievement to 250k tokens (from 500k).
  • Increased the value of the Canid Helmet.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Flashback offers showcasing packs the player has already seen, or owns.
  • Fixed cases where Daily Deals would not generate for some users.
  • Attempting to craft from the Collection Book instead leads you to the blueprint craft list instead of immediately crafting that item.
  • Fixed pet skins showing up in the Antique Store despite being already owned by the player.
  • Fixed “Recent Fusion” tab not sorting correctly.
  • Fixed a Collection Book bug where quality previews could be seen for item pages that have received no donations at all.
  • Fixed the Caprice tab on the fusion menu displaying “Favorites” instead of “Caprice”
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect Energy values being displayed after storing Racks.
  • Fixed quests for components being usable despite not being unlocked yet.
  • Also fixed locked quests having an option to favorite.
  • Fixed furniture preview position being off when viewed through a daily offer while on the Avatar Editor screen.
  • Fixed “Last Chance!” offers not displaying at all.
  • Fixed the “Mundra’s Moonstone Reef” decoration not appearing in the Antique Store.
  • Fixed some fusion details erroneously displaying a result of 4x or 5x.
  • Fixed a bug with Mundra's Spirit's tooltip displaying on the screen’s edges.
  • Fixed blueprint preview of current pack blueprints in blueprint lists showcasing broken versions of packs if interacted with.
  • Fixed market UI not updating properly when buying missing components for a fusion.
  • Fixed Daily Offers not resetting at 00:00 UTC for all players.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the "Suggest" menu while small talking would disable the "Sell" button.
  • Fixed a case where the "Featured" tab in Guild Finder would display as "Empty" when initially starting the game.
  • Fixed multiple instances of overlapping text/icons on the player profile in certain languages.
  • Fixed an instance where Pets did not appear with the proper customizations/appearance on the Pets screen.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when attempting to start a Fusion.
  • Fixed item details menu not properly updating when you no longer have the appropriate amount of components.
  • Fixed Royal Merchant offer in the Store being promoted under the "Exclusive workers" section.