Posted to Updates on September 10th, 2021

Version 7.2.2 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed pieces of Wall Decorations still showing up when their wall is hidden.
  • Fixed Wall Decorations ignoring stacking rules when placed near corners
  • Increased maximum capacity for Wall Decorations (now allows all walls to be decorated)
  • Fixed some accessories not displaying collection progress on their crafting cards.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would sometimes lock after placing Wall Decorations.
  • Fixed the Collection Book “available donations” counter including locked items.
  • Fixed Shop Frames not being visible while visiting another player’s shop.
  • Changed the default orientation of the Swaggy Donuts Sign. Current owners of such donuts may need to rotate them
  • Reduced the brightness of the golden “flash” VFX following a sale.
  • Fixed red notification leading to Shop Frames constantly reappearing.