15.3.1 Compensation Package

Did you enjoy this latest season of Naked & Afraid? We sure didn’t! 

If you missed all the drama, the latest update introduced a bug where any character sent on quest would see themselves completely stripped of their gear (which would then be returned to the inventory). Needless to say, most quests are not appropriate for fist-fighting naked heroes. Even Monks need their bling!

Beyond the pain of a few failed quests, there was also the hassle of re-equipping your entire roster of Heroes and the very real danger of accidentally selling off some of these items! Because of this, we opted to disable the entire quest system for about 24 hours while we could work on a patch.

Now that this is out of the way, here’s what we’re offering to make up for the lost time:

Item Restoration

All Hero and Champion equipment has been restored to their state just prior to the update going live for those who logged in during the period between the update's release and our server maintenance (approx. 11am - 12:15pm EST). They’ll be wearing whatever they were wearing before all of this happened. Items that may have been lost (e.g sold) have been restored. If new items were equipped on your Heroes since then, they’ll be placed in the inventory (and locked, for safety). All equipment on your Heroes have been locked as well.

Troublin Pirate Flash Quest

Since many attempts were wasted by naked Heroes fruitlessly punching away at Troublebeard the Pirate, his Flash Quest will return on February 23rd.

Loot Frenzy

To restock on components after this day of drought, a special Double (+100%) Loot Frenzy event will be running on February 22nd. This is also the first day of King’s Caprice, so you’ll need the components!

Compensation Package

For general inconvenience, all players (Merchant Level 8 and above) will also be receiving the following in their mailbox:

  • 5 Phoenix Feathers

  • 100 Ascension Shards

  • 50 Research Scrolls

  • 50 Antique Tokens

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!