Known Issues
A list of commonly reported or critical issues and their current status.

Important Note: This is not a full list of all known issues in Shop Titans. This list prioritizes commonly reported, critical or currently relevant issues. For official help with issues, please contact our support team using the in-game "Contact Us" button found in the Settings menu or our support site.

Last Updated: December 8th, 2023

Important Notices

Regarding Event Placement Rewards

You must log in before the start of the next major guild/solo event (King's Caprice, Tower of Titans, Dragon Invasion, Lost City of Gold) to claim your event placement rewards (titles, badges, etc) otherwise your opportunity will be lost.

This is an unfortunate limitation at the moment that we hope to improve upon in the future. Please share this information with your fellow guildmates and players.

Known Issues

Accessory items' base sale price has increased after updating to 15.0

  • This issue will be resolved with the 15.1 update.

  • After updating to 15.0, accessories such as Shields and Rings have had their base sale price unintentionally increased. Feel free to enjoy the increased sale price until this issue is resolved.

Barbarian classes erroneously can equip Instruments; Berserker classes erroneously cannot equip Instruments

  • This issue will be resolved with the 15.1 update.

  • Barbarian classes instead of Berserker classes can equip Instruments and by association roll Instrument skills. This will be fixed with a future update and Instruments will be automatically unequipped from Barbarian classes and returned to inventories, and any Instrument skills on the hero changed to their Barbarian compatible equivalent (i.e. Warlord or Axe Master).

Damage done by Heroes during quests is unintentionally doubled

  • This issue will be resolved with an update shortly after the 15.1 update.