Help Us Build the 1000th Blueprint!

Greetings Shopkeepers!

Can you believe we’re almost ready to release our 1000th Blueprint? To celebrate this monumental milestone, we want to collaborate with our entire community to build a Tier 13 Blueprint together!

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be asking players to take part in two polls on our Facebook page to determine the blueprint type and the elemental affinity of the 1000th Blueprint.

On November 22, we’ll make a post on Facebook that will allow you to vote for the blueprint type. You’ll have the option of:

  • Dagger

  • Helmet

  • Light Armor

  • Spell

  • Shield

You’ll only have 48 hours to vote, so don’t miss your chance!

Next, on November 27, we’ll make a post on Facebook that will allow you to vote for the elemental affinity of the blueprint! You’ll have 48 hours to vote for one of the following elements:

  • Fire

  • Water

  • Air

  • Earth

  • Dark

  • Light

If the vote ends in a tie, the blueprint will have the Gold elemental affinity.

And lastly, on December 4, we’ll make a final post across our Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram accounts for an all-out blitz to lower the cost of Ascension! The more Likes, Shares, and Reposts that the final post receives, the lower the final cost of Ascension will be. It could even be possible to bring the Ascension cost down to one Ascension Shard per tier!

The blueprint will be available for free for all Shopkeepers for a limited time early next year, stay tuned for more information on when it will release.

Get ready for the vote and follow us on Facebook now! We can’t wait to see what our Shopkeepers will choose!