Shop Titans coming to Epic Games Store
Available starting July 21st

Hello Shopkeepers,

An exciting announcement! Shop Titans will soon be available to download from the Epic Games Store!

Starting July 21st at 11am EDT, Shop Titans will release on the Epic Games Store along with an exclusive giveaway (valued at over $100 USD) to celebrate the occasion. Be sure to head over now and wishlist to be notified on its release!

The exclusive giveaway includes the following:

  • Champion Vigil (Blueprint)

  • Assassin Tanto (Blueprint)

  • Dismantler's Pickaxe (Blueprint)

  • Fizzy Guzzle Bottle (Blueprint)

  • Argon's Valiant Banner (Decoration)

  • Oni Shrine (Decoration)

  • Llama Pinata (Decoration)

  • Good Ol' Pickaxe (Avatar Customization)

  • x50 Argon Coins

  • x50 Antique Tokens

  • x3 Slimy Keys

  • x3 Slimy Chests

  • x200 Webbed Wings

  • x200 Moon Crystals

You must install and log into Shop Titans on the Epic Games Store platform and reach Merchant Level 8 to claim this exclusive giveaway from the in-game mailbox — available for new and existing players.