Version 1.0.11 Release Notes

New Features

Tier 7 items

Dust off your research scrolls, a whole new wave of items has hit the shops! Gear up your heroes with the new Ninja, Samurai or Midnight sets or choose among the several powerful new weapons available to veteran shopkeepers!

New Quest : Sun God’s Tomb

A new dungeon containing rare components has been discovered! To tackle its powerful guardian, you’ll need to bring 4 heroes and the best equipment you can muster!

New Item Type : Magician Hats

The “Hat” item type has been split into two! The Magician Hats contain a new collection of headwear more appropriate for cloth wearers. The Rogue Hats contain the old hats you already know and love, plus a dapper new addition.

Champion Stories

A few chapters of Champion Stories have been released! Learn more about the life of your favorite champions by ranking them up with Champion Coins!

Daily Deals

Login to a new special deal every day! These can be anything from an equipment upgrade, or a special deal on an instant furniture upgrade!


Research Scrolls

For the sake of consistency, all items above Tier 1 now require Research Scrolls to unlock. The cost of all blueprints has been reduced accordingly (e.g unlocking T2,T3 and T4 together costs the same as unlocking a T4 in previous patches).

Quest Mechanics

Quests have been overhauled. In the past, short, easy quests were vastly more efficient than their harder counterparts. The monotony of constantly managing quests for piecemeal rewards grew tiresome. Furthermore, there was little meaning in gearing up your squads and tackling more difficult challenges.

In this update, Easy and Medium quest difficulties will take much longer, especially from a resting standpoint. Hard quests will be shorter than what they used to be. Medium/Hard quests will always be more efficient and rewarding than their easier counterparts.

Alongside a less pressing need to micromanage your quests, players can expect a reduction in overall item breakage due to rewards being condensed into longer, more intensive quests.

Other Improvements

  • Several menus have been overhauled.

  • Multicrafted items can now be of exceptional quality.

  • Any blueprint upgrade now provides a research scroll as an extra bonus. Mastering an item will now provide a regular blueprint upgrade+scroll bonus rather than only research scrolls.

  • Sia has received a visual makeover.

  • Hero classes are now locked behind Merchant level, rather than the Training Hall building.

  • The Training Hall now serves to uncap the maximum level of Heroes. Champions are unaffected.

  • Visual effects during quest battles have been spruced up.

  • Prestige values are now displayed when buying decorations.

Balance Changes

  • Slots of all kinds (Trade, Quest, Craft, etc) have been made cheaper, though they may require higher merchant levels to attain.

  • Upgrading the quality of items through gems has been made cheaper across the board.

  • Costs to repair items (gems and gold) have been tweaked. Gold repairs are more expensive, while gems have been made cheaper.

  • Due to a greater focus on quest times and particularly resting times, Yami’s and Lilu’s quest and resting time reduction modifiers have been reduced.

  • For the same reason outlined above, the Ranger’s skill has been modified. Though its rest time modifier has not been changed, the class has lost its Break Chance reduction.

  • Heroes no longer suffer from an increased rest time after taking significant damage during quests.

  • Sia’s Champion Skill now increases the value of items found during quests (better chances of finding higher tier items).

  • Energy costs (surcharge, discount, etc) have been normalized across item types.

  • Compass items now also affect resting times alongside its usual quest time reduction.

  • Spell type items have been made much more powerful.