Version 1.0.12 Release Notes

New Features

Introducing the Enchantment System!

Craft powerful Elemental and Spirit enchantments from Runestones and enchant them onto your items to make them both stronger and more valuable! Holy Regal Blade? Bubble Crossbow? Flaming Health Potion!? You name it, we got it! Spirit enchantments go even further beyond, granting mini skills to whichever Hero wears an item bearing one!

To gain access to Enchantments and Runestones, players will first have to hire either the Wizard or the Priestess. After a short tutorial, players will be able to find Runestones in many places, such as chests, quests (any), and the Fortune Zone.

Introducing Skill Upgrades!

All Hero skills (including innate class skills) can now be upgraded with the help of elements! All skills are tied to one or two elements. By equipping enchanted items matching those elements on Heroes, their skills might upgrade to a higher level and become stronger.

For example, Cleave can upgrade to Searing Cleave by equipping a few items like a spicy Flaming Health Potion and Flaming Paladin Helm.

Introducing Evelyn the Scholar!

This new premium worker unlocks the powerful Wand item line for spellcasters to use. While anyone can find Runestones as part of regular gameplay, the Scholar also offers the unique ability to craft them outright!

As an added bonus, the Scholar grants a +5% multicraft chance for all Enchantments.

The Scholar will be available for $19.99 USD.

Introducing 3 new Hero classes!

The Samurai, Ninja and Spellblade have hit the tavern! Each of these advanced classes possess a very unique innate skill that expert shopkeepers won’t want to miss!

  • Samurai: Thanks to the art of Iaido, the first attack of a samurai is always a critical hit.

  • Ninja: Stalking the shadows, the Ninja boasts brutal Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage until it is spotted by monsters (by taking damage).

  • Spellblade: This jack of all trades can wear and use a wide variety of items, even heavy armor! In addition, it can learn nearly any skill in the game, a trait advanced players will surely find interesting.

Introducing Skill Rerolls!

Implemented due to popular demand, it is now possible to reroll away unwanted Hero skills at the cost of gems.

Guild Invites

It is now possible to invite people to your guild.

Skill Changes

With the introduction of elements and skill upgrades, several changes have been made to skills in general.

Cleric Class

Clerics now have a new innate skill called Divine Intervention, which allows them to survive one lethal hit per quest. The Cleric’s skill which reduced Threat rating has been applied to all spellcaster classes by default.

Defense Skills

A few new skills have been introduced which enhance the defensive capabilities of Heroes. They come in Common, Rare and Epic varieties, and are sure to positively beefen up the bulk of your Heroes.

Retired Skills

Due to the introduction of elemental upgrades, skill families consisting of 3 skills became a bit obsolete. Thus, the bronze rest time reduction (Fast Healer) and the silver break chance reduction (Extra Polish) were removed. Heroes that owned these skills will have them upgraded to the next tier for free.

Skill Stacking Rules

We have relaxed some of the rules that prevented certain skills for coexisting on the same Hero. Currently, only skills from the same family cannot exist together (such as a bronze HP boost and a gold HP boost).

Maximum Skill Slots Reduction

Skill slots across all classes have been reduced. The introduction of elemental management made it cumbersome to handle too many skills at once, and the menu was getting a bit crowded.

In return, this allowed us to make a fair amount of skills stronger to compensate. Furthermore, advanced classes will benefit from better odds of higher rarity skills across all slots.

If this change would have caused the removal of existing skills on your Heroes, we have done our best to ensure your strongest skills would remain over weaker ones. As an extra compensation, all Heroes will earn a free skill reroll for any skill lost this way.

Weapon Master

Weapon Master skills were reduced in power to bring them more in line with other bronze skills, though they still remain a powerful and easily attainable attack boost.

Their original power can be restored with a small elemental investment.

Other Changes

Special Decoration Interactions

Customers will have special animations when interacting with premium decorations. Longer animations will grant proportionally more energy to compensate.

Healing with Gems

It is now possible to heal individual characters (or your entire roster) with gems. From the same menu, you can also opt to heal your characters with drinks or feathers instead.

New Furniture Skins

2 new sets of premium furniture skins have been released, boasting an entirely new model. Older furniture skins have been made available to purchase with gold, and its owners have been given a partial gem refund.

Revival Drinks and Revival Feathers

Both of these items have been removed from the game. Stamina Drinks will now fully heal a character regardless of resting time, and Phoenix Feathers will fully heal the entire roster.

2 Drinks and 2 Feathers will be given to players for each such item removed from their inventory.

New Story Chapters

Chapter 3 and 4 of the Champion stories have been released.

Major Balance Changes

Energy Costs

Energy costs for items have been normalized, for real this time. Costs should better match the value of items, with more valuable items costing more Energy to surcharge (and worth more discounted), and vice versa for cheaper items. Extra chunky items such as the Double Crossbow will see the most significant changes, but still provide a superior energy/value ratio.

Minor Balance Changes

  • Reduced break chance for Common, Superior and Flawless items.

  • The cooldown for Guildmaster’s Choice has been reduced to 8 hours, from 24 hours.

  • Quests, especially tougher ones, will drop more and higher value items.

  • The component rewards of bosses have been reduced.

  • The respawn time for the Sun God’s Tomb boss has been increased to 48 hours. Its key drop chances now matches that of other bosses.

Important Bug Fixes

  • Locked precraft items will now correctly be expended while crafting. If you have knowingly made use of this bug, you may shift your alignment one step towards Chaotic Neutral.

  • Decorations no longer contribute to Player Score.

  • The “Tasks” button will no longer display a notification if you have spin available.

Some of my skills don’t have upgrades! What’s up with that?

Some particularly powerful skill upgrades require elemental values that are completely impossible to reach with current available content, so they have been disabled for the time being. As new content is released, more powerful enchantments will follow and these upgrades will become available.