The Final Frontier Update
Version 13.1.0 Release Notes

New Content

Spacefarer Content Pass

New extraterrestrial content has come to earth… in peace! Complete tasks and earn Stars to unlock new high-tech blueprints, such as the powerful Plasma Saber and the CosmOs Cereals - a breakfast staple for every table!

New in this event, players who fully complete the Content Pass (yes, including the golden tasks) will receive the exclusive Astronaut title to show off.

The Spacefarer Content Pass will be available from May 16th to June 12th.

Lost City of Gold

With the introduction of Tier 13, Gold items now sport a new look. A platinum one!

After almost 50 golden Mayincatec items, this new collection sports a new sleek Platinum look, a material dwarves are particularly fond of. Beyond this shiny new appearance, these items still sport a boosted price tag and require an exclusive component, the Platinum Bangle. As an extra bonus, these items do not require Essence.

Platinum items are available in the Platinum Chest using a Platinum Key. They can be found in the latest difficulty of the Lost City of Gold dungeon.

Major Changes

Lost City of Gold

Lost City of Gold now has a new difficulty 11! Expect greater quantities of Pure Gold, as well as Platinum Chests and Keys!

To make space for this new difficulty, Difficulty 8 was retired, and its Pure Gold rewards were given to 7 with no increase to its difficulty. The old Difficulty 9 is now labeled 8, and so on. Make sure to look twice before sending parties!

King’s Caprice

The reward list for the King’s Caprice has been extended. Guilds can now work harder for a grand prize of 125 Antique Tokens. Some earlier token rewards have also been increased with no change in difficulty.

To make space for the new rewards, a few old rewards have been merged together.

Antique Store

A selection of very old content now obeys a new restriction before showing up in the Antique Store. These items will only show to players whose account is 8 months or older.

The reason behind this change is because our Twin Packs currently focus on very high tier (now Tier 13!) which is well beyond newcomers. To these players, we would like to show some of our older Twin Packs, back when they featured lower tier content appropriate for them.

Players with an account 8 months or older are completely unaffected by this change. Their Antique Store will behave as usual.

The list of content affected by this change can be seen here.

Minor Changes

  • Blueprints in the Antique Store now display their stats when inspected.

Balance Changes

  • The Favor value of Tier 13 items has increased.

King Schedule

The King will be available as a Champion from May 29th until June 1st.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a locked item could appear on Racks if an enchantment on it was destroyed while it was on a Rack.

  • Fixed issue where guilds could sometimes have multiple guildmasters.

    • Guilds with multiple guildmasters will see all guildmasters demoted to members, save for the eldest member among them. 

  • Fixed another rare case where Flash Quests could cause a crash.

  • Fixed further Day Trader title issues.

  • Fixed an issue causing Flashbacks to sometimes showcase packs older than intended.

Extra News

Shop Titans is now available in China! (again!) Chinese players play on a different server than the rest of the world, so this news has basically no impact on current players. But it’s a big milestone for Shop Titans as a whole!