Version 13.2.0 Release Notes

New Content

Collection Reward Extension

Avid collectors can now work towards the highly prestigious Scepter of Ever-Wisdom, a mighty Tier 13 staff, alongside a few other rewards.

Extra Furniture Space

New Furniture Space Expansions and Basement expansions are now available.

New Fusions

Added new fusions for Platinum Chests and Platinum Bangles.

Minor Changes

  • To better match the timing of our events, the titles and badges for reaching the top of the leaderboards for Dragon Invasion, King’s Caprice and Lost City of Gold have had their duration reduced to 28 days, from 30.

  • When assigning a hero to the Airship in Dragon Invasion, it is now possible to long press on the hero card to open the hero's equipment menu.

Balance Changes

  • The Naughty or Nice List scroll no longer requires the Magical Mistletoe as a precraft. This made sense back when they were sold as a bundle, but when bought separately as antiques, it sucks! It now instead requires Iron Pine Cones.

  • Reduced the gold cost to unlock the Void Dimension quest to 3G (down from 4.5G)

King Schedule

His Majesty shall take up the mantle of Guest Champion from June 19th until June 22nd.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Guild XP Boost not applying to fusions.

  • Fixed Ascension Track rewards not triggering tooltips when tapped on.

  • Fixed an issue where changing your avatar's shoe color would change its skin color as well.

  • Fixed an issue where Flash Quest event remaining time did not match on Quest Card and Quest Setup menu.

  • Fixed an issue where the final dragon of a completed Dragon Invasion was not properly shown as stunned when defeated.

  • Fixed an issue where Fusions with item components prioritized enchanted versions.

Coming up next

Virtual Tamas teased a big feature back in late March, but it needed more work and we took the difficult decision to delay it. It’s happening next month though, Tamas promise!