Shopkeeper's Got Talent Update
Version 14.0.0 Release Notes

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Shopkeeper Talent Trees

The new Talent tree mechanic introduced with the 14.0 Update.
The new Talent tree mechanic introduced with the 14.0 Update.

Expert Shopkeepers rejoice! Your mercantile power is about to go up a notch!

Starting at level 42, players unlock the expansive Talent Tree mechanic, allowing shopkeepers to take their favored playstyle to the next level. Every level, you’ll be able to purchase a Talent point to unlock a new passive bonus. These bonuses are split into three different Trees, dedicated to the 3 core mechanics of Shop Titans : Bartering, Crafting and Questing. Early Talents are nice and simple, such as bonuses to Energy and Resource Capacity. As you specialize further into a Talent Tree however, game changing abilities become available, like the ability to Suggest items to the king, or hire Heroes at higher starting levels!

Here are the three Talent Trees and some of their outstanding Talents:


A preview of the Bartering talent tree.
A preview of the Bartering talent tree.

The sacred art of making big money. This talent tree focuses on shop interactions, typically involving Energy and visitors from the city. Some of the high end talents include:

Royal Advisor

Ability to suggest a different item to King Reinhold, at an increased Energy cost.

Enchantment Establishment

Small Surcharge value bonus for items with two enchantments.

Brand Loyalty

Customers have a small chance to automatically surcharge themselves without expending your Energy.


A preview of the Crafting talent tree.
A preview of the Crafting talent tree.

The noble task of making stuff. This talent tree focuses on crafting, fusion and resources. Some of the high end talents include:

Energy Infusion

Allows the rushing of Fusions with Energy. 

Flawless Process

Flawless fusions require one less Superior item as a component.

Craft Slot+

Gain an extra crafting slot. This slot exists outside of the regular Crafting Slot progression, so it works even if you already own all of them.


A preview of the Questing talent tree.
A preview of the Questing talent tree.

The age-old tradition of beating up monsters for their stuff. This talent tree focuses on questing and Heroes. Some of the high end talent include:

Titan Attunement

The Titan from the Tower of Titans event drops a Titan Soul when defeated. This is in addition to the Titan Soul available from the reward track.

We Be Lootin’

Allows Polonia to sometimes loot higher tier items. At max rank, this is guaranteed.

Key to Success

When a Key drops in a quest, there is a chance to find an extra copy of that key.

Talent Refund

Also known as “respec”, players are able to refund all Talent points spent on a tree to reassign them differently. This process costs gems, and refunds all points from a specific Talent Tree. If we ever need to perform significant balance changes to a Talent Tree, free refunds will also be provided.

Minor Changes

  • We’ve updated a few visual effects to look better (quality crafts and enchantments in particular). Can you spot all the differences?

  • When fulfilling market requests, the quantity selector will no longer allow numbers higher than what you currently hold in your inventory. 

Balance Changes

  • We’ve been told our Collection Book Reward extension wasn’t good enough. Two new rewards have been added (before the final Blueprint) to better smooth out the progression.

  • Increased the value of the Dire Kakivak spear as it was unusually low.

  • The tier of Quality items dropped in quests is now always at least as high as the tier of equipment bundles that could drop from the same quest.

King Schedule

King Reinhold will bolster your ranks as a Guest Champion on July 24th, staying until the 27th.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a scrolling issue in the Player Titles menu.

  • Fixed Fresh Spirit skill tooltip not mentioning its Rest Time Reduction effect.

  • Fixed missing Dragonmark description in inventory menus.

  • Fixed the Tower of Titans "Select Tower" button appearing green before the confirmation step.

  • Fixed the red notification persisting after claiming a reward and navigating using hotkeys in Dragon Invasion.

  • Fixed an issue where the "Prepare Airship" button would appear outside of the Full Moon event menu.

  • Fixed Familiars not being properly filtered out of the Market when supplying through the Dragon Invasion menu.

  • Fixed some janky code for the Powerful title where retired Heroes still counted towards the total.

  • Fixed an issue causing chat filters to not work.