Version 14.0.1 Release Notes

Minor Changes

  • Players now receive one free Refund token for each tree upon unlocking the Talent Tree. If you’re already past that point, you’ll get them too.

  • Guild requests can now once again be fulfilled in bulk. It was temporarily restricted to 1 item per trade while we investigated a potential server-related issue.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an annoying bug where tapping outside of a window (e.g into the blurred background) would activate background elements instead of closing the window.

  • Fixed the Talent Tree Refund consuming “general” refund tokens (Talent Refund Tokens) before “specific” ones (Bartering, Questing and Crafting).

  • Fixed a bug with the Sound Sleeper Talent, where it artificially capped the amount of Energy regenerated at around 400 energy per day. It is now unlimited.

  • Fixed a few odd cases concerning items available to suggest to the King when using the Royal Advisor talent.

  • Fixed several cases of “Surcharge Value increase” modifiers also applying to the “Pay more” option from seller customers.

  • Fixed Polonia’s obsession with Stormrend bows in lategame quests when combined with the We Be Lootin’ talent.

  • Fixed the Energy bar sometimes displaying values higher than the Max Energy (due to the Sound Sleeper talent). The issue was purely visual.

  • Fixed the Market quantity being able to be increased past the amount you have in your inventory due to the Cargo to Go talent.

  • Fixed Best of the Best talent resulting in an item always being enchanted with Christmas Spirit.

  • Fixed some trophy values displaying improperly when Cooking the Books talent is acquired.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when locking an item while in the Market.