Version 14.1.1 Release Notes

Minor Changes

  • Added an accessibility option in the settings to dampen all visual effects in game.

  • Removed the energy sound effects when guildmates dust your shop, as you now get the energy instantly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Flash Quests appearing as possible bounty tasks.

  • Fixed Bjorn not using his additional Flash Quest attempt first.

  • Fixed Heroes and Champions being stuck in “Waiting in Shop” status after a Flash Quest. 

  • Fixed a UI bug preventing players from starting Flash Quests properly. 

  • Fixed upgrade time missing from furniture upgrade menus.

  • Fixed an issue where the furniture upgrade gem rush button would appear outside of the upgrade menu.

  • Fixed legendary visual effects having the wrong scale and being too large in game.

  • Fixed many visual effects being too intense.

  • Fixed the UFO furniture’s visual effects being dark and opaque.

  • Fixed the market value of items from the Wayfinder’s Mega Pack.

  • Fixed the scaling of some texts when hiring Bjorn. 

  • Fixed a display error affecting the energy cost when suggesting items to customers.

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