Talents Revisited Update
Version 14.2.0 Release Notes

Major Changes

Talent Trees

There have been some major changes to the content of some Talent Trees, specifically Questing and Crafting. Since the structure of the trees have changed, all points assigned to all three talent trees will be automatically refunded upon updating the game. You will then be able to reassign them for free wherever you wish.

More details on the nature of the changes are available further down below.

Keybinding Remaps

PC players now have access to a new option in the settings menu, allowing them to rebind hotkeys to their preference. As a bonus, it acts as a nice way to learn what the hotkeys actually are! Two harpies, one runestone.

As a related change, it is now possible to confirm (or more accurately, back out of) the Quality Celebration Craft screen by using the “Back” key (ESC by default).

XP Potion Menu

There is now a shortcut to an XP potion usage menu, available from the Hero details screen. It provides quick access to all your XP potions as well as the ability to use a bunch of them at the same time.

Skill Rerolls

When rerolling Hero skills, if you don’t like the new skill, you’ll now have the option to keep the previous one at the cost of 20 gems.

Minor Changes

  • Updated layout of the player profile.

  • It is now possible to refund a Talent Tree for Gems even if you have Refund tokens available.

  • Added a tooltip to resource icons (on the shop screen) to view their current resource regeneration speed.

  • Added sorting options to furniture menus.

  • The celebration screen when claiming a Content Pass task will now display the amount of the Content Pass currency you received.

  • When leveling up a Pet, only stats that actually increase will now be displayed on the level up celebration (e.g. an energy increase of +0 will no longer be shown).

  • Improved the “Kick from Guild” menu to be more descriptive.

  • Your quality preset now affects the amount of particles rendered by visual effects (the higher the quality, the more particles).

  • Disabling the “Enhanced VFX” setting now impacts more visual effects.

  • Added navigation arrows to the Level Up celebration screen when viewing rewards/unlocks.

  • Players banned from leaderboards will no longer take up a rank slot on the leaderboards nor contribute to their guild’s score for the sake of networth and event leaderboards.

  • The “Brand Loyalty” talent will no longer activate for customers asking for an out of stock item.

  • The Bunny pet* will be temporarily available for purchase with gems during the month.

*Spoilers: we'll be doing a Bunny skin giveaway soon!

Balance Changes


In a previous update, we’ve increased the “range” of items available for Polonia to steal, although in practice this resulted in her finding less valuable things than before.

We’ve modified this range so that it now includes slightly more valuable things, and slightly less valuable things, resulting in more variety (and preventing a hyperfixation on the Stormrend bow) while averaging out about the same as before.


Instead of draining the entire party, Hemma now drains a single ally per turn. The benefits she receives from this drain have been tripled, matching her previous power up from draining the whole party.

Dragon Invasion

Since the previous Dragon Invasion event had to be canceled due to technical issues, this event (scheduled for Sept 21st) will feature doubled rewards!

King Schedule

Regal, royal Reinhold will rejoin your ranks as a Guest Champion on September 18th, leaving on the 21st.

Bug Fixes

  • Introduced a tentative fix for world/guild chat messages sometimes completely vanishing. Let us know if it still happens.

  • Fixed the entire Talent tree menu closing when using the ESC hotkey in the “Reset Tree” popup.

  • Fixes to font rendering in various languages.

  • Fixed a bug causing quality equipment drops from quests to be more common than intended.

  • Fixed a bug causing the Tower of Titans to drop Wooden Chests when under the effect of the Treasure Hunter talent.

  • Added Opulent and Platinum items to the list of bounty exceptions, like other LCOG items.

  • Fixed an old issue where “Optimize” would sometimes ignore some equipment slots for Monks.

  • Fixed the Dragon Hoard bin showing incorrect resource quantities when stored in the basement.

  • Fixed some item cards becoming unresponsive after interacting with a Flash Quest.

  • Fixed a display issue that could occur rarely after claiming a reward from an event reward tracker.

  • Fixed another instance where players could end up with Heroes or Champions stuck in "Waiting in Shop" or "On Airship" status.

  • Fixed hotkeys no longer functioning after interacting with the text input box in chat.

  • Improved the clickbox of the lock and bookmark button on item cards.

  • Fixed an issue where guilds could have multiple guildmasters.

  • Fixed an issue where the "Confirm" text did not properly display on Daily Offers.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when viewing a blueprint's details.

  • Fixed the Royal Merchant exclusive Content Pass task not completing if Royal Merchant was purchased after the release of the Content Pass.

  • Fixed an issue where a player's profile picture would sometimes not appear when viewing their profile.

  • Fixed an issue where the "Last active" indicator would erroneously appear when the player was actively online.

  • Fixed an issue where opening the Talent Tree through specific steps could cause a soft lock.

  • Fixed a display issue where energy could overlap the info button in the customer suggestion menu.

  • Fixed an issue where some players were erroneously awarded the “Beta Tester” player title.

  • Fixed a display issue with the XP bar for Quests.

  • Fixed the King being affected by the “Brand Loyalty” talent as he cannot be surcharged.

  • Fixed another instance where the player could not suggest to the King after acquiring the “Royal Advisor” talent unless a Food item was on a Rack.

  • Fixed Evasion not being properly calculated for Extreme difficulty quests. Evasion over the 75% cap will now properly contribute to reducing the -20% penalty. 

  • Fixed an issue where a quantity value would display on some acquired skin tones when customizing a hero.

  • Fixed a rare issue where hair could become distorted after customizing your avatar's appearance.

  • Fixed an issue where the player's profile picture would not update until performing a game restart.

  • Fixed an issue where an offer background could occasionally fail to properly display.

  • Fixed locked Food items appearing in the Pet Feed menu.

  • Fixed subsequent completed tiers of a Content Pass task being erroneously highlighted with gold outline.

  • Fixed Content Pass info popup not being properly animated when triggered.

  • Fixed the "Next Reward" button in the Content Pass reward tracker not taking alternative rewards into account.

  • Fixed the tier icon appearing for non-blueprint items in the Antique Store.

  • Fixed an instance where a guild's name would not properly render.

  • Fixed "Double or No Deal" talent not affecting the Moon Dragon and Scholar.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when a pack was offered during the tutorial.

Talent Tree Update

Bartering Talent Tree

Warmart, Rogues ‘R Us and Spell, Robe & Beyond

These three nodes have a fairly unique interaction. Since they modify the odds of a customer class showing up, they can be useful if you like a particular Hero category (I want to run a Warrior shop, so I’ll invest in Warmart) or if you DON’T like a particular Hero category (No nerds allowed! I’ll invest in both Warmart and Rogues R’ Us!)

However, investing in all three of these skills essentially cancel out their effect, since all Hero categories are now equally as likely to show up (much as if you didn’t unlock those skills in the first place). To prevent user error, the third skill of this trio will be locked whenever you unlock the other two.

Enchantment Establishment

Now applies its Surcharge Value Bonus to the enchantments on the item, rather than the item as a whole. In exchange, the maximum bonus has been increased to +20%.

Crafting Talent Tree

The Crafting Talent Tree is in a decent place and quite popular, but often criticized for its primary focus on various resources. While these nodes are still present, new nodes have been added to give crafting specialists a special edge that no one else has.

Reinhold’s Favored

This new node, appearing roughly in the middle of the tree, grants bonuses to Favor earned during the King’s Caprice event. This node is optional (e.g not necessary to progress further into the tree) so you can skip it if this event is a mere speedbump to your guild.

Flawless Process

This node has been merged with its brother, Common Sense. You can spend two points to get the benefits of both. This freed up space for…

Sigil Vigil

This node greatly multiplies the results of Sigil and True Sigil fusion (up to double). It’s perfect if you’re hanging around Tier 11-12 or simply wish to sell them on the market. It is located on the branch alongside Flawless Process and Energy Infusion.

Ether Containment & Top Security

These two nodes (Ether and Jewel capacity) have been merged into one, Exotic Hoarder. It otherwise behaves the same, so you get more bang for your buck.

Serene’s Blessing & ♪Fey Friend♫

Like the above, these two nodes were merged into one, Mystical Friendship.

Duplication Glitch

A simple but powerful addition for crafting specialists, this node grants a Multicraft chance bonus to all items.

Legendary Craftsmanship

Located at the end of the Crafting Tree, this node increases the chance to craft Epic and Legendary items. We’re talking 3x here, so this ain’t no joke.

Questing Talent Tree

The Questing Talent Tree has received a fairly big shakeup to make it more interesting while also removing “trap” node combinations.

Common Farmer

This node has been merged with its brothers, Unusual Ingredients and Refined Tastes. It now simply increases the quantity of all quest components found.

Treasure Hunters

Functionally unchanged, but is now a starter node alongside Common Farmer.

Booster Refunder

The third Quest tree starting node. It grants a chance to refund Boosters used during quests. The refund appears as a quest reward (but does not replace any other reward), so you do need to succeed in the quest for the refund to work.

Defenders of the Kingdom

Similar to the Reinhold’s Favored node, this grants you bonus Airship Power (and thus event progress) during Dragon Invasion. It applies to both donated items and Heroes on the airship. This node is optional.

Raiders of the Lost City

The last of the “Event Booster” trio, this node increases Pure Gold found during the Lost City of Gold event. It is also optional.

Artifact Takers

Hidden behind Raiders of the Lost City is an extra bonus. This node allows Lost City of Gold quests to drop small quantities of LCOG components (typically 1-2). The type of component dropped matches the chest and key found in that difficulty. (e.g a quest that drops Luxurious Chests will drop Golden Artifacts)

While components dropped during the regular quests are somewhat minimal, LCOG bosses drop a more significant amount, especially when boosted by Sia, Loot Boosters, and/or the Sia’s Touch talent.

Singular Focus/Packrat Method

These nodes have been removed. Although it allowed players to better “customize” the rewards they wanted to see, they also stepped on each other's toes and could completely cancel out the effect of other nodes.

The following node is a different take on the spirit of those nodes.

No Stone Unturned

Basic quests have (approximately) 75% chance to give out a bonus reward, such as an equipment bundle or runestones. This node steadily increases these odds, up to 100%!

Shiny Only

In addition to making quality items Flawless, further investment in this node also increases the tier of these items, as well as the chance of finding Epic and Legendary items instead.

Freyja’s Prayer

The rest speed bonus is now general, instead of only affecting “dead” Heroes.

Roadside Wholesale

Now also grants a portion of that item’s merchant XP value. Keep in mind that some items, such as components and chests, have no XP values in the first place.

For technical reasons, this XP gain cannot trigger an actual player level up, XP from this source will always cap at one XP short of the next level.

Extra Questy

Is now found earlier in the tree, next to Roadside Wholesale.

On the Edge

If Extreme quests are where you feel most at home, this node provides an additional bonus to Rest Time and Quest Time when running them.

Nemesis Returns

Found at the end of the quest tree, this node grants a chance for regular quest bosses to immediately respawn after being defeated.