Heroes, Terror and so Much More Update
Version 14.3.0 Release Notes

New Content

New Hero Classes

At long last, a new set of Heroes has arrived! This 7th tier focuses on introducing classes of Elements that were previously missing for each archetype. They are available to hire for gold starting at level 58.

Dark Knight (Dark)

A preview of the Dark Knight hero class.
A preview of the Dark Knight hero class.

Mysterious warriors who have made pacts with fell powers. If their attack leaves an enemy below 10% HP, the enemy is instantly defeated. Gruesome!

In addition, their hunger for souls grants them a small permanent bonus after each battle. When  the Dark Knight finishes a quest, they gain a +1 seed bonus to one of their stats at random. They need to survive the fight, though!

Velite (Light)

A preview of the Velite hero class.
A preview of the Velite hero class.

Light troops of the Empire. Originally weak scouts not even worthy of weaponry, they’ve mastered a peculiar art of offensive shield combat as deadly as any blade. They’ve since been promoted to elite guards.

Velites wield no weapons, but receive an ATK bonus equal to their shield’s DEF.

Chronomancer (Air)

A preview of the Chronomancer hero class.
A preview of the Chronomancer hero class.

Powerful wizards who have gained powers over time after studying the Chronos Ruins for decades. If their party is ever defeated, they grant the player the option to immediately attempt a new combat with (hopefully!) better results. This ability does not stack with multiple Chronomancers.

Vampire Masquerade Content Pass

The world of vampires is one of lavish parties, endless nights and fancy dining! Join them in decadence with this new Halloween Content Pass, earn Blood Roses and unlock their Haute Couture and the weapons they fear most! Completing every single task will also earn you the exclusive Vampire title.

The Content Pass will start on October 3rd and will end on the 31st.

Event Trophies

A small selection of the new event trophies.
A small selection of the new event trophies.

Previously, we’ve released an update to event leaderboards, awarding temporary titles and badges to the mightiest shopkeepers of the month. Starting with this update, there’s also a bonus reward for these superplayers.

Each event (Lost City of Gold, Dragon Invasion, King’s Caprice) now features 3 trophy decorations each matching their leaderboard ranking (Gold, Silver, Bronze). For example, If a guild finishes with the top King’s Caprice score in the world, all guild members will receive a permanent, golden Caprice trophy to show off in their shop.

Players can only own one copy of each trophy, but earning duplicates will actually instead level up that trophy! It will gain increased Prestige and at level 6, 11, and 16, will grow in glittery intensity.

What about my top ranking in previous events?

We’ve preemptively tracked the leaderboard placement of players after the release of the extended event rewards feature. If you were in a guild that scored in the top 10 for one (or more) events, you’ll receive the appropriate trophies upon updating the game. Trophies will not go higher than level 1 from this retroaction, however.

What about Tower of Titans?

Since it is a solo event, the Tower of Titans trophy works differently. Instead, players can receive a Gold Titan Trophy by beating the Tower of Terror (see below). Unlike the other events which are limited to the Top 10 guilds, there’s no limit to how many players can earn this trophy per event, and there are no Bronze or Silver trophies.

Tower of Terror

Up until recently, players were forced into a Tower difficulty based on their level. This required the event difficulty to be a bit softer. Now that players have the power to choose their own destiny, it also allows us to take the gloves off, so to speak.

We are terrified to announce the new Terror difficulty level for the Tower of Titans event. This difficulty is more “optional” than the others, in the sense that the reward track is only marginally better than the baseline Epsilon difficulty. The average player is not expected to be able to clear it. It has a few things going on for it, though.

  • An exclusive, gold Tower of Titans trophy. Subsequent clears will level up the trophy.

  • Purely Tier 13 equipment drops, both bundles and quality items. The odds for Epic and Legendary qualities are higher than normal.

  • Less diluted loot table (No moonstones/Runestones)

  • A special achievement for first completion, granting an exclusive Talent Point (more on that below)

  • A permanent title, True Titan, for first completion.

  • Big street cred and the trophy to prove it

In addition to stronger monsters, a few new challenges present themselves

  • All tower minibosses have an elemental barrier, with the elements being randomly assigned for each event.

  • All Minibosses have 2 modifiers.

  • Like Extreme difficulty dungeons, all monsters ignore 20% of your Heroes Critical Hit Rate and Evasion. It is also considered Extreme difficulty for the sake of the On The Edge Talent.

  • All monsters within Terror take only 5% of damage from attacks. They have much lower HP, though

We, the Shop Titans team, couldn't beat this tower with our own personal accounts (completely walled by Spider Steve on floor 24). We wish you luck all the same.

Super Achievements

A handful of new “super achievements” have been added. As their name implies, these are quite difficult! Unlike other achievements, they reward 1 Talent Point each, on top of and separate from the usual Talent Point progression.

The challenges are:

  • Become a Royal Merchant

  • Master 750 Blueprints

  • Reach level 99 with all three pets

  • Reach a Collection Score of 50,000

  • Complete the Tower of Terror

As these achievements rely on the Talent system, they are hidden from players until the feature is unlocked. Progress towards them is still tracked as normal, though.

Forge & Fortune Mini Collab

The elusive issue of Spells Vol III has long been thought missing, but recent reports indicate it may have been spotted within the Shop Titans universe!

This Tier 6 Spell blueprint is available for free, but the kicker is that its location is a secret! The only hint we’re giving out is that at the time of the update, it will not yet be obtainable.

Big thanks to our friends over at Forge & Fortune for this partnership!

New Talent

A new Talent has been added to the Questing talent tree, Stones Left Unturned. It disables Moonstone and Runestone drops from all quests (save for Flash Quests), replacing them with other drops such as equipment or perhaps even keys.

Lost City of Gold

The new Platinum Hallways (Wall) and Platinum Tiles (Flooring) have been added to the Platinum Chest.

In addition, the dungeon scene of the final difficulty of LCOG has been updated visually to better reflect its Platinum nature.

Major Changes

Dragon Invasion Extended

Dragon Invasion has three new reward tiers for players wishing to acquire more Dragonmarks! You’ll have to face the Gold Dragons to claim the new grand prize!

Minor Changes

  • The 4th tier of the Dragon’s Hoard bin has been visually updated to reflect its Essence storage.

  • LCOG components earned with the Artifact Takers talent now ignore component stack limits.

  • Specified that the Freyja’s Prayer talent works on both Heroes and Champions.

  • The "Enhanced VFX" option now affects the effect trail produced by elements like Gold and Energy.

  • Keybinds will now be properly swapped if shared between the same keybinding category.

  • Per community request, locked Food items will again appear in the Pet Feed menu. A warning will now surface when attempting to feed a locked item.

Balance Changes

  • Reduced the quality bonus of the Legendary Craftsman talent from 3x to 2x. We don’t usually nerf things, but this one has earned itself an official Too Crazy* rating. If you haven’t had your fun with it yet, the patch isn’t live for a few days!

  • The fusion recipes for Blossoms have been updated. They now require a Tier 6 Superior item (replacing a Tier 5 Epic item) and 20 seeds of its type (up from 10). Two blossoms are now created per fusion.

  • The “Large” and “Absolute Unit” boss modifiers for Tower of Titans have had their Group Attack chance multiplier reduced (as monsters could reach 100% chance of group attack).

*Written while buried under a mountain of Legendary items

King Schedule

Good ol’ King Reinhol’ will be available as a Guest Champion on Oct 16th until the 19th.

Halloween Collection

The Halloween Collection will be available from Oct 24th until Nov 1st.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the On The Edge talent not doing anything at all.

  • Fixed up some Bjorn dialogue animations that would be delayed or not played at all.

  • Fixed a rare issue where a player's shopkeeper avatar would sometimes fail to render when viewing their profile.

  • Removed "Tree progression" indicator from Talent trees menus as this was misleading.

  • Fixed the "C" keybinding unintentionally closing the entire menu while typing in chat.

  • Fixed Flawless Process talent affecting fusions based on item component quality instead of fusion quality.

  • Fixed inventory menu scrolling back to beginning of list whenever inventory content updated.

  • Fixed player title font size being smaller than intended for other players in chat.

  • Fixed the gem cost to keep a previously rolled skill sometimes showing up as 100 instead of 20. This was a purely visual issue.

  • Fixed an occasional issue causing Tower of Titans monsters to display as pure white.

  • Improved the accuracy of the displayed Resource Regen amount in the resource tooltip.

  • Fixed an issue where the Quest Setup screen could erroneously display a "This event has ended." warning during Tower of Titans events.

  • Fixed fusion slot counter display not taking into account Extra Crafty talent.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Legendary Craftsmanship talent to make Flawless crafts extremely rare.

  • Fixed locked items not being able to be donated to the Collection Book. A warning will now surface when attempting to donate a locked item.

  • Fixed missing description for Collection Score stat on profiles.

  • Fixed the King’s Guest Champion portrait occasionally appearing unflattering.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when interacting with furniture.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when interacting with your inventory.

  • Fixed a rare instance where Polonia could appear with improper equipment in event dialogs.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the Hero XP Drink menu while having no XP Drinks.

  • Fixed an issue with mouse scrolling in some menus.

  • Fixed the Dark Pig issue. Rumors that it handed out better rewards are unsubstantiated.

  • Fixed the Grand Tyrolean’s quality not visually changing when used as a vanity item.