Version 14.3.1 Release Notes

New Content

  • Three new Hero Slots are now available for purchase.

Minor Changes

Vampire Masquerade Content Pass

We’re adding a few new tasks to be completed, as the current iteration had fewer tasks than usual and the total amount of Blood Roses to be acquired was lower than intended. The tasks are the following:

Trick or Treat

Complete any quest, with any Champion.

The Banquet

Sell Meal items.

The Lord's Hoard

Spend any resource by crafting.

Castlemania II: Argon's Quest

Complete the Tower of Titans (any difficulty)! You’ll earn partial progress even if you don’t make it to the end.

Balance Changes

  • Buffed the Spells Vol III blueprint.

Bug Fixes

  • Transformed the Bleakspire Charm into its intended Air Affinity blueprint, rather than an Elemental Blueprint. Existing Bleakspire Charms will keep their Hurricane element.

  • Updated the Vampire Masquerade Content Pass font color to be easier to read.

  • Fixed Master of Puppies achievement (now requires 3 pets of level 99 instead of level 3).

  • Fixed the Platinum Hallways wallpaper not being available in the Platinum Chest.

  • Fixed the Chronomancer hero class costing 750 gems to hire rather than 1000.