Version 14.4.0 Release Notes

Minor Changes

“All” Affinity

This unusual affinity type receives minor Affinity bonuses from any element (half the usual bonuses of regular affinity and +5 Element from any element). It is typically exclusive to blueprints that change color depending on the element placed upon them.

Currently, it is only found on the Iced FlavorPop, but a few blueprints in the future may share this trait.

Other Minor Changes

  • Much like Dragon Invasion, Lost City of Gold and the King’s Caprice rewards can now be rushed using Gems once the event is over.

  • When declining to use a locked or higher quality item in a Champion Request, the option to craft or buy the item from the Market will now appear.

  • The progress animation in the Collection Book will no longer be skipped.

Balance Changes

  • The Fateweaver (Titan Chronomancer) now grants the party a power boost equal to a  basic Power Booster upon activating its Retry ability.

  • Champion requests now scale with the player’s tier progress, rather than the amount of times a player has served a particular Champion.

  • A single quest battle is now limited to 500 rounds, after which you will fail the quest. This is to prevent potential softlocks and issues with the quest preview system. (This change was included in the previous update though we failed to mention it).

King Schedule

King Reinhold will be available as a Guest Champion on November 13th until the 16th.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing some Heroes to still be considered “on the airship” after Dragon Invasion ended.

  • Fixed a few instances where the “Back” keybind would not properly exit out of some celebration screens.

  • Fixed an issue where players could earn the True Titan title without fully completing the Tower of Terror. Titles earned this way have been removed.

  • Fixed a few cases where users could be stuck in the Fusion tutorial.

  • Fixed keybinds not working on the "Resource Received" celebration screen.

  • The Void Creature monster has been demoted from Tower of Titans duties. He’s just too big :(

  • Fixed a minor display issue with the color of the "Unlock with Key" text in the Chest Opening screen.

  • Fixed a rare issue where the Chest Opening screen UI would persist in the Shop or City.

  • Fixed an issue where the Merchant Level Up celebration screen would display a Hero Slot already acquired through a Content Pass as newly unlocked.

  • Fixed a scrolling issue when assigning Heroes to an Airship Crew in Dragon Invasion.

  • Fixed some menus not taking into account the Defenders of the Kingdom talent.

  • Fixed an instance where locked items would not appear in the Collection Book for donation.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur for some Flash Quests causing the quest to be unclaimable.