The Magic of Music Update
Version 15.0.0 Release Notes

New Content

New Premium Worker

The new premium worker Yohan, the Bard.
The new premium worker Yohan, the Bard.

Yohan the Bard has joined the city! He’s a bit shy, but he’ll do his best! He is available for hire for players of level 18 or higher.

Yohan brings with him two new blueprint lines; magical Instruments and the mighty Aurasongs. On top of that, his Worker Power allows the upgrade of two furniture at the same time!


A selection of the new Instrument blueprint line.
A selection of the new Instrument blueprint line.

Chimes and Drums have hit the shops! This new premium blueprint line features a wide variety of instruments such as trumpets, guitars and even the mighty triangle. Because of this, the resource types required for them can vary wildly from one item to another.

Instruments also have a special shop effect! Whenever purchased by a customer, that person will play a few notes before departing. Nearby characters (except Rudo) will love it and grant you a tiny bit of free energy!

Instruments are a type of magical weapon and can be equipped by most Spellcasters. A few other classes, such as Dancers (due to their connection with music) and Berserkers (because it’s funny) can also equip them.


A selection of the new Aurasong blueprint line.
A selection of the new Aurasong blueprint line.

Aurasongs are special gemstones enchanted with music. Similar to Familiars, they can only be equipped by Champions (in a dedicated equipment slot) and provide them with a unique Aura. The Aurasong grants stat bonuses to Champions, but the Aura also grants a bonus to the whole party. Each Aura has their own effect!

Like Familiars, although no Hero class can equip them, some daring customers will occasionally ask to buy them.

Champion Titan Soul

Officially revealed as part of the Black Friday offer, the Champion Titan Soul is now available as a fusion recipe. It’s a tough one, though!

The Champion Titan Soul itself is a special variant of the Titan Soul. It can be used on any Champion to grant them a major stat boost! Upon upgrade, the Champion receives bonus stats equal to two rank-ups. In addition, all stats received from rank-ups (past and future) receive a 50% boost!

Creating a Champion Titan Soul requires a very difficult fusion! It lands squarely in the “endgame grind” for advanced players. The recipe is the following:

  • 2x Titan Souls

  • 1x Legendary Item (T10+)

  • 5x Mythic XP Drinks

  • 10x Phoenix Feathers

  • 300x Perfect Moonstones

You'll also need a level 37 Sun Dragon before attempting the fusion. Good luck!*

No actual luck is involved, the fusion does not have a chance to fail.

Minor Changes

  • The city has expanded! Things were getting a bit tight in there, so the layout has been updated to make more space for the Bard and future newcomers. There’s a beach now!

  • When buying an item in the Antique Store or Fortune Store, its slot will instantly be restocked instead of going on a cooldown.

Balance Changes

  • Reduced the maximum tier of items requested by Champions to 10.

King Schedule

King Reinhold will be available as a Guest Champion on December 11th until the 14th.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Quality Event actually preventing qualities altogether (a recent issue that was quickly followed with us disabling the event). It now stacks normally with other quality upgrades, with +100% being the equivalent of a 2x Quality chance blueprint upgrade.

  • Fixed a bug where Ashley’s leader skill would sometimes result in extreme stat penalties in the Tower of Titans.

  • As part of the same bug, also fixed Ashley’s leader skill doubling ATK, DEF and Quest Time bonuses from other sources (Such as Boosters).

  • Fixed a rare crash when cycling through Hero equipment.

  • Fixed jittery scrolling when looking at the guild friendship menu.

  • Clarified the effect of the Flawless Process talent.

  • Fixed a few Talents not properly becoming available after unlocking Stones Left Unturned.

  • Applied a permanent fix for the occasional mismatched market value of some items.

  • Fixed a bug where the Defenders of the Kingdom talent would grant unimaginable amounts of Airship Power.

  • Fixed an issue where no minimum tax was being applied to requests below 5 Gems.