Dragon Revision Update
Version 15.1.0 Release Notes

New Content

Christmas Content Pass

Ho ho ho! Are you kids ready to collect Candy Canes? This Content Pass is similar to the Bjorn Content Pass, featuring antique content alongside a shorter duration. It begins on December 22nd and runs through January 8th.

As a special bonus, the event also features a Talent Point (or 100 Ascension Shards if you already own all of them). There’s also the Santa Claus/Mrs. Claus secret title for those brave shopkeepers who manage to complete every task!

Champion Stories

Sia’s story has concluded! The swan flies free!

Upcoming Seasonal Content

Holiday Collection & Free Worker Gifts

A collection of festive decorations, customizations and more will be available starting December 14th and running through December 25th. 

The workers in town will also be getting into the holiday spirit and will offer up their usual goods for free when visiting your shop.

Winter Snow Returns

Starting with the release of this update and until January 23rd, the Shop and City will be powdered in snow!

Trifecta Event

To celebrate the holidays, starting on December 26th 10AM ET and running until December 28th 10AM ET, enjoy +25% Better Deals, +25% Multicraft and -25% Haggle all at the same time!

Major Changes

Dragon Invasion

Dragon Invasion has earned a bad (but well deserved) reputation for being a buggy event. Seems like something would go wrong with every other month! And whenever we’d fix that, something else would break like a never ending game of whack-a-mole.

For this update, we’ve taken the time to completely re-code it from scratch. Though it is not any different visually, it should run a lot smoother and be much, much more stable from here on out.

As an added bonus, the event leaderboard now supports the display of scores for every phase individually.

Guildmate Shop Visits

The system will now try to prioritize guildmates that have logged in most recently, reducing the odds of a guildmate you can’t visit because they’re playing a different (out-of-date) version of the game.

Minor Changes

  • Added two new possible blueprint upgrades: Bonus Favor and Bonus Airship Power. These improve an item’s score value during their respective events. It is not retroactively added to current items (with some exceptions below) but future items may rarely make use of them.

  • In Portrait mode, the two arrows used to cycle between customers at the counter are now found at the bottom of the screen, near the “Wait” button. We found it quite a bit more comfortable on the thumb, and they no longer poke off-screen when handling big value items.

  • An error message will now appear when attempting to claim a multicraft that would overflow your inventory.

  • When dusting a guildmate’s shop, Furniture and Pets now have an equal chance at being selected for dusting instead of Pets being prioritized.

Balance Changes

  • The following Blueprints have received an Airship Power blueprint upgrade: Propeller-Pike, Baross’ Backup, Sky Pirate Outfit, Dragonseeker Goggles. In every case, the upgrade it replaces has been integrated into the base blueprint’s statistics.

King Schedule

King Reinhold will be available as a Guest Champion on January 8th until the 11th.

(and also available December 11th-14th!)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing Avatar: The Last Airbender blueprints from being favorited.

  • Fixed an issue where a reward could erroneously appear as claimable in Dragon Invasion and King’s Caprice.

  • Fixed a minor display issue on the hero equipment screen when equipped with Aura of Quakes.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed trades over the max price to be relisted if trade was older than update that resolved this issue initially.

  • Fixed Meal and Dessert filter not appearing when using Advanced Search in Dragon Invasion.

  • Fixed an issue with bounty generation for Meal items for low level players.

  • Fixed an issue where purchasing an item from the Market through the hero equipment screen would not immediately return you back to the equipment screen as expected.

  • Fixed the repair tooltip showing a decrease in hero power due to an item break in green instead of red.

  • Fixed a few instances of z-fighting (display issue with textures) in the city.

  • Fixed an instance where using the ESC key to exit a rack would disable navigation.

  • Fixed an issue causing Champions to occasionally request Lost City of Gold items.

  • Fixed an issue where the missing requirements menu for fusions would sometimes show the missing component as a white square.

  • Fixed an issue where the Merchant XP value in the Current XP tooltip would wrap.

  • Fixed an issue where a hero’s hair would sometimes get unintentionally cut off when equipping gear.

  • Fixed the Common Farmer talent not behaving as intended.

  • Fixed some particle effects for Aurasongs.

  • The Zeus’ Lightning blueprint now requires Scroll of Storms instead of a Scroll of Armor.

  • Fixed a bug causing all Shields and Rings to be more valuable than usual.

  • Fixed Barbarians being able to equip Instruments instead of Berserkers.

    • Barbarians who have an instrument equipped will have it returned to the inventory.

    • Barbarians with the Adept and/or Instrument Master skills will have them automatically replaced with the Warlord and Axe Master skills, respectively.