Version 15.1.1 Release Notes

Seller Visitors have been re-enabled!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed customers selling items at a lower tier than expected.

  • Fixed an issue occasionally preventing players from suggesting items to customers.

  • Fixed a major issue causing Heroes to deal much more damage during quests than their stats would normally allow.

  • Fixed an issue where players would crash/disconnect when attempting to sell a Food item to a Champion.

  • Fixed achievements not immediately appearing at the top of the achievement list when earned.

Note: The following changes will not be live until a server update is deployed on December 15th.

  • Fixed various item values that were inadvertently changed recently (namely Desserts, Meals, Rings, Amulets and Wands).

  • Fixed the Tales of Yule spell having a lower Wood cost than intended (223 > 440).

  • Fixed the Yule’s Herald staff having a lower Herb cost than intended (223 > 410).

  • Fixed the Yule’s Herald staff requiring two different Carpenter levels.