Version 15.2.1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Champions now pay the base gold value of items they request rather than double.

  • Fixed a bug where two Content Pass tasks have inadvertently merged into each other. There is now a task (with 4 tiers) to gather Pure Gold, and a task (with 1 tier) to gather Rustwyrm Scales. Progress towards the latter has been lost.

  • The Draconic Grasp task no longer asks for Dragonfang Fists, a blueprint that would be available in an upcoming Superior Pack (spoilers!). It has been replaced by the Tianlong Lance, a blueprint that will be available in a Mega Pack instead (double spoilers!).

  • Reduced the task requirements for the Party Crashers and Lust For Gold tasks down to their intended values.

  • Reduced the amount of crafts needed to upgrade the Platinum Beret.