Version 15.3.0 Release Notes

General Changes

Dragon Invasion Rewards

Changes to the Dragon Invasion reward track (last three bonus reward milestones hidden).
Changes to the Dragon Invasion reward track (last three bonus reward milestones hidden).

When we last extended the Dragon Invasion reward track, there were complaints about how the Grand Prize is shifting away further down the track, making it so that players who could just barely make it, no longer could.

We’ve updated the presentation of the reward track to rectify this. Initially, only prizes up to the Grand Prize of 150 Dragonmarks will be shown. Once a guild reaches this milestone, additional bonus rewards will be revealed, with a final score requirement matching the grand prize of last month’s Dragon Invasion.

TL;DR it looks different, but you’ll get the same rewards for the same amount of points.

Minor Changes

  • Various optimizations to general game performance.

King Schedule

King Reinhold, mighty is he, will be available as a Guest Champion on March 4th until the 7th.

Balance Changes

  • Heroes with the All element (Spellblades/Spellknights) now contribute 50% of their element value towards breaking Elemental Barriers (up from 33%).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare crash involving the Friendly Favor talent.

  • Fixed the Trickster’s innate ability not enhancing Instruments.

  • Fixed missing sound effect when visiting the Bard's building.

  • Fixed invisible feet for Shopkeepers wearing the Dragon Dancer's Shirt customization.

  • Fixed Dragon health in Dragon Invasion displaying as 0/0 instead of "Defeated".

  • Fixed water in the city not being affected by ambient lighting.

  • Fixed an issue in which multiple clicks would be needed when rushing items that resulted in a multicraft.

  • Fixed an issue where the sale price of a food bonus sale to a Champion would display an incorrect value.

  • Worker visitors now correctly only sell items you’ve crafted at least once.

  • Fixed Rudo’s leader skill not granting a full 50% elemental bonus against elemental barriers.

  • The Platinum Grenadier now correctly requires Jewels rather than Essence.