Version 15.3.1 Release Notes

If you were quick to download the latest update, you may have noticed a mild inconvenience… such as your heroes getting completely stripped of their equipment whenever they’d be on quest! Beyond the almost guaranteed party wipe that would result and the hassle of re-equipping your entire roster, there was also the very real danger of accidentally selling off very valuable gear.

Due to the severity of the issue, we opted to disable questing as we worked to resolve the issue. If you’ve seen quests randomly disappear in the past 24 hours, this was the reason.

A new client update is now available to download which fixes the “equipment stripping” problem and re-enables quests. It’s now (finally) safe to quest! 

With this mess out of our way, we can now properly focus on compensation for the inconvenience incurred. We’ll have more info on this soon; thank you for your patience!

Other Bug Fixes

  • All boss cooldowns have been reset, as boss attempts would be automatically canceled but would still go on cooldown.

  • Fixed The M.A.U.L. blueprint requiring Wallace and his brother Wallace as workers. The second Wallace has been replaced by the Carpenter.

  • Fixed the Wildhunt Skull name being inadvertently changed to “A most devious trickster certainly hides underneath”. It was a bit of a mouthful.