Full Bloom Update
Version 15.4.0 Release Notes

New Content

Full Bloom Content Pass

Spring is blooming and so is this new Content Pass! Complete tasks and collect Spring Blossoms to unlock blueprints, decorations and more! This pass will run from March 19th until April 3rd, so don’t miss it!

While our usual schedule would normally have the next Content Pass feature brand new content, in this case it will be another pass focusing on old content. The reason simply being that the art team is quite busy working on Tier 14! (spoilers)

To make up for it, this event’s grand prize is extra bloomy; an entire crafting slot! If you already own all the crafting slots, you’ll get 500(!) Ascension Shards instead!

Spring-loving shopkeepers who complete every task in the Content Pass will also receive the exclusive Beautiful Flower title!

Promo Code System

Shop Titans now supports Promo Codes! Keep an eye out for special codes on our social media and enter them to redeem prizes!

Major Changes

Quest Skip

There is now an even faster Quest Speed option. When enabled, loot will be granted straight from the city screen, skipping the quest altogether. Great for slower devices!

Minor Changes

  • In the Antique Store, the Wallpaper/Flooring slot now also has a chance to showcase a blueprint.

  • Players who haven’t played in a long time will see a temporary pause to various tutorials and offers while they settle back in. With all the content that’s been added over the years, it could make for an overwhelming return.

  • The Shop Titans game engine has been updated. As with last time, this is a necessary step to keep Shop Titans live and running. The benefits are invisible to players, but this process may break a thing or two. Let us know if you spot anything.

  • Aurasongs now have their Aura skill effect displayed as part of their item details.

  • Added a visual effect to Aurasong skill icons when assigned to Champions.

  • Customers who demand a specific item (generally after not finding anything on racks) will now only ask for items you’ve crafted at least once.

  • Added a few more Dragonmarks to the Free portion of the Dragon Invasion reward track to make it truly equal to previous events. In addition, we’re adding an extra 20 Dragonmarks in the next event to make up for those missing in the previous one.

King Schedule

King Reinhold will be available on April 1st leaving on the 4th. There’s something rocky about those dates though…

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several cases where item icons would appear more pixelated than usual.

  • Fixed the Spellblade’s skill description still mentioning 30% damage to Elemental Barriers. This was a purely visual issue.

  • Added the missing Somnus Boltcaster blueprint, as well as a few missing customizations, to the Antique Store rotation.

  • Fixed a bug where temporary event titles (e.g Gold King) would not correctly be refreshed if earned twice in a row.

  • Fixed an issue where resting Heroes would be displayed on top of the Hero list.

  • Fixed some animation issues with pets.

  • Fixed some Bjorn animations.

  • Fixed energy from customers playing instruments being awarded instantly. It is now slightly delayed to better match the animation.

  • Fixed the display of 5+ digit quantities when buying items/resources from customers.

  • Fixed a bug where a notification on the market button could remain stuck there.

  • Fixed a bug where “daily login” content pass tasks would not properly increment for players who never logged off in the first place.

  • Fixed a display issue where the Sia’s Touch talent would apply to the component quantity displayed on the quest preparation screen.

  • Content Pass tasks with a single tier now also have access to the detailed view.

  • Fixed an edge case where offers could generate with 0 Antique Tokens.

  • Fixed a rare case where some players could be stuck with an achievement above their head.

  • Fixed a rare issue where city visitors could sometimes sell items illegally enchanted with Mundra’s or Fresh spirit.

Coming Up Next

Tier 14 of course.

We’ll also be updating the Dragon Invasion bonus rewards to not be hidden anymore. We may revisit the layout in the future to put more visual emphasis on the grand prize.