Dreams of Elysium Update
Version 16.0.0 Release Notes

New Content

Tier 14 is Here!

A whopping 38 blueprints are now available, and they’re super valuable! Can these numbers even fit on the screen!? You might need a bigger phone!

If you haven’t fused all your Research Scrolls, look forward to the cursed sword Durandal, the Tincture of Finality potion or the Hell’s Gate shield! Need some help crafting this prestigious new tier? Read below!

Tier 14 can be equipped by level 38 Heroes, and can be traded on the market by players at level 66.

Advanced Research!

A preview of the Advanced Research menu.
A preview of the Advanced Research menu.

These Tier 14 crafting times sure are impressive! Thankfully, the city’s Workers have found a solution; Advanced Research! Upon reaching level 36, each Worker will reveal a set of possible upgrades for their preferred item types.

The upgrades are the same across all item types (with few exceptions), and allow you to improve Craft Speed, Surcharge Energy Cost and Merchant XP of their blueprint types. The XP bonus applies to all item types and also stacks, so you can really supercharge your Merchant levels.

At first glance, it may look similar to the Talent Tree, but have no fear! Your precious Talent points are not needed here. Given enough time and investment, all Advanced Research can be unlocked. Each upgrade simply requires both Gold and Research Scrolls, although Gems can also be used.

New Quest!

A look at the Elysium quest area.
A look at the Elysium quest area.

Among the clouds lies Elysium, the domain of the gods! A place untouched by foolish mortals… until today! There’s bound to be valuables around! 

Upon these heavenly grounds roams the Avatar (no, not that one), imbued with a spark of divinity and a mandate to punish all interlopers. But where have all the gods gone?

Elysium is available for 10G gold for players at level 64 or above.

Major Changes

City Worker Visitors

Visitors from the city that come to sell items will now be limited to the highest blueprint tier you’ve crafted +3. That is, if the highest tier you’ve crafted is 5, worker visitors could bring bundles of items up to tier 8, provided you own some. It is no longer required for you to have crafted those items for them to be valid.

This is an iteration and compromise over a recent bugfix (which didn’t even work) intended to prevent worker visitors from selling items you’ve never crafted. We understand that receiving highly valuable items you normally wouldn’t have access to is exciting and rewarding, but would also like to prevent cases where newer players are asked to buy items worth several thousand times their net worth*.

*Astute observers may notice that the previous bugfix coincided with the Darkness Millennium blueprint, a Tier 13 blueprint that was given out to all players.

Minor Changes

  • Due to Terms of Service conflicts with iOS, the Promo Code feature has been disabled on Apple devices. We are currently investigating supporting promo codes on our website for these players.

  • The “Bonus rewards” from Dragon Invasion are no longer hidden before reaching the grand prize.

  • Craft qualities with a chance of 20% or higher will no longer display a celebration screen upon claiming. Typically applies to Superior quality during Quality events or low tier items.

Balance Changes

  • Polonia can now loot items up to Tier 11, up from 10. 

  • Reduced the amount of crafts needed to upgrade and master mid-tier blueprints (tier 6 to 10).

  • Slightly reduced the amount of Research Scrolls required to unlock mid-tier blueprints (Tier 7 to 10).

  • The introduction of the massive XP bonuses from Advanced Research had us notice that some blueprint lines had disproportionately high XP values. They have been reduced down to be more in line with other types (Spears, Axes, Rings and Shields were most affected).

  • The Carpenter is now the primary worker for Axes of Tier 4 and higher, to better match his ownership of Axes under Advanced Research.

  • The Emerald Inn and the Tavern have received new levels to accommodate the new quest. Their investment requirements have also been reduced.

  • Void Dimension and Cinderlake Volcano no longer feature Elemental Barriers on Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty. The bosses still have them, however.

King Schedule

King Reinhold will personally join your ranks as a Guest Champion on April 29th, leaving on May 2nd.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Extreme Boss of Barren Wastes dropping items of a lower tier than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where some players received Spin Tickets in their inventory where they could not be used. The tickets have been removed and substituted with actual spins.

  • Fixed an instance where a progress bar SFX could be stuck playing forever.

  • Fixed a rare bug allowing invalid placement of Wall Decorations.

  • Fixed a display issue involving the Treasure Hunter talent and Royal Merchant loot slot.

  • Fixed market filters sorting when accessed from the pet feeding menu.

  • Fixed a minor texture issue with the Iridescent Pet Rock skin.

  • Fixed an issue with the Particle Beam Rifle blueprint in which two could be crafted at once after obtaining the second milestone upgrade.

  • Fixed enchanted items not being counted for Fusion inventory count.

  • Fixed the fusion warning for enchanted items not surfacing if the locked item warning surfaced previously.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when inspecting a Pet Skin through an offer.

  • Fixed an issue where the text for Gold gained from selling over capacity components on the quest loot screen could be misaligned.

  • Fixed a bug allowing some offers to be purchased multiple times.

  • Fixed a rack bug causing the auto-restock function to behave unusually under some circumstances.

  • Fixed Champions playing an instrument SFX upon buying an instrument bundle.

  • Fixed an issue where power ratings were inconsistent when adding Rudo to a quest party.

  • Fixed an issue where the 3D model on the “Successful Fusion” celebration screen would obstruct the item name and quality text.

Webstore Updates

Login Session Duration

We've increased the duration of valid login sessions from 12 hours to 30 days. This means you won’t have to log in as often and can get those offers when you want them without all the hassle!

New Offers

Coming the week after Update 16.0 releases, these new offerings include some that are exclusively available on the Webstore! 

Higher quantity Gem Packs, higher quantity Dragonmark bundles — that are available even when Dragon Invasion isn't running — and consumables, such as Limited Edition Tokens, On the House Tokens and Phoenix Feathers!

Be sure to check out the webstore and don’t forget to claim your free weekly giveaway gift!

Coming Soon

Content Pass Slot Rewards

Various slots awarded through the content pass, such as Hero and Crafting slots, will be clearer as to which slot exactly is being unlocked.