Ironclad Update
Version 16.1.0 Release Notes

New Content

Ironclad Content Pass

Clang! Clang! Wallace has hammered up a Content Pass for you! Fire your forge and get ready to craft! This Content Pass will run from May 14th until May 29th!

As stated in previous patch notes, this Content Pass also focuses on antique content, but we did manage to forge up a new blueprint, the Ironclad Grappler crossbow, as a grand prize! Adept blacksmiths who complete every task in the content pass will earn themselves the exclusive Master Smith title!

The next Content Pass will feature more new and exclusive content. That’s a pirate promise.

Mundra Blueprint

The Tier 14 Mundra Blueprint, Mundra’s Skull, is now available to all Moon Dragon owners. Sorry for the wait!

Ascension Milestones

We’ve extended the Ascension Milestone rewards, and some obsolete upgrades have been altered. Read more on that below!

As per usual, Milestone requirements may be higher than currently available blueprints. Consider it a promise that we’ll keep adding content!

Major Changes

Ascension Milestones

  • Added a new upgrade; “+2% increased Surcharge Value” (for this item type).

  • Added a new upgrade; “-1 to Essence Resource Cost” (for this item type).

  • The “Chance to Refund Sigils” upgrade now also applies to True Sigils.

  • The “Chance to Refund True Sigils” upgrade has been replaced with reduced Energy cost to Rush.

  • The “Surcharge Energy Cost reduction for Tier 12 items” now applies to all tiers of that item type.

  • The “Surcharge Energy Cost reduction for Tier 11 items” has been replaced with -10 to Common Resource Costs for Tier 10+ items” (of that item type).

Balance Changes

  • Tier 4 enchantments now require a small amount of Uncommon resources. Their value has increased slightly as a result.

  • Tier 4 enchantments now also require level 7 workers to craft (up from level 1). Players will have to craft a few Spells and Amulets first!

King Schedule

The King, clad in gold, will be available as a Guest Champion on May 27th until the 30th.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare issue preventing the Talent Tree from being properly reset.

  • Fixed an issue where current Energy wasn’t properly reduced when storing Racks.

  • Fixed some currency amounts in the Advanced Research menu not being properly formatted.

  • Fixed a few cases of misleading notifications being generated from Advanced Research.

  • Fixed a Best of the Best talent issue where Tier 14 brought by workers would often feature low tier enchantments.

  • Fixed an issue where several menus could render improperly and be cut off if orientation was changed.

  • Fixed an issue where battles were not properly shown for quests with minibosses when the Battle Speed setting was set to “Full Skip”.

  • Fixed an issue with Gem Rushing for Dragon Invasion when a player has since left your guild after the event has ended or been completed.

  • Fixed a display issue where the progress bar position would reset when switching orientations on the Dragon Invasion reward track.

  • Fixed a minor display issue with Content Pass progress bars.

  • Fixed an issue where a red notification would sometimes not appear when there are Ascension Milestone rewards available to claim.

  • Fixed an issue where the VFX on Aurasong skills on Champions would end abruptly.

  • Fixed an issue where some players’ “Mastered” blueprints stat count was offset by 1.

  • Fixed a display issue where some items had the incorrect elemental value when viewed from the Market.

  • Fixed an issue where chests opened with Gems did not increment the “Open chests” Content Pass task.

  • Reverted some unintentional changes to enchantment stat values.