Five Years of Shop Titans Update
Version 17.0.0 Release Notes

Has it already been five years already? Time sure flies! For such a momentous occasion, we’ve cooked up a big update!

New Content

Artifact Blueprints

A look at the new Artifact blueprints.
A look at the new Artifact blueprints.

Artifact blueprints are a new and special type of blueprint! They have a couple of unique rules.

  • They are only found in the Greater Artifact (T14) and Minor Artifact (T8-9) chests.

  • Each artifact has its own unique component that is required to craft it.

  • Artifacts are, at a base, stronger and more valuable than blueprints of the same tier.

  • Each artifact has a special, unique effect that is not found anywhere else.

  • A Hero cannot equip more than one artifact at the same time.

They’re more difficult to craft and acquire compared to your average blueprint, but also more rewarding. Here’s a sneak peek at the six Artifact blueprints currently available in the game.

Kiku-Ichimonji (Greater Artifact)

This Katana is unnaturally sharp, but unwieldy! It provides a powerful +200% bonus to Critical Damage, but sets your critical hit rate to 20%. If your actual critical chance was lower, great! If it was higher, it would be lowered to 20%.

The Samurai’s guaranteed critical hit on the first round completely ignores Critical Hit Chance, so they are not as hindered by this effect.

Torc of Peace (Greater Artifact)

This powerful amulet magically seals the power of any wielded weapon, rendering them completely useless. In exchange, it grants a sizable +10% evasion and a 20% skill HP bonus.

There’s a loophole though; fists and shields aren’t considered weapons!

Armor of Invincibility (Greater Artifact)

This suit of heavy armor completely shrugs off any amount of damage it takes, no matter how powerful. As a result, it will never break!

The lucky wearer, however, is not actually invincible.

Lone Wolf Cowl (Minor Artifact)

For loners who are too cool for teamwork, there is the Lone Wolf Cowl. The wearer completely ignores bonuses granted by Champions in exchange for a powerful 40% skill bonus to ATK and DEF. Perfect if your Champions are taking a nap, or if they’re simply not that strong in the first place.

It is worth noting that effects that do not directly apply to Heroes, such as Sia’s looting or Yami’s quest speed, will function as usual.

Grimar’s Collection (Minor Artifact)

This spellbook provides no outstanding combat bonuses, but it’s worth a LOT of Collection Score! Grimar’s collection book contains ancient items that simply don’t exist in this day and age.

Pickaxe of Greed (Minor Artifact)

Dig too deep and too greedily with this needlessly gaudy pickaxe! It is particularly adept at defeating guardians of golden treasures. Any Hero wielding it will deal double damage to Golems!

Upcoming Artifacts

Two extra Greater Artifacts will also be released in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Artifact Chests

Artifact chests are a bit special. Since they aren’t associated with a particular quest, they don’t drop from anywhere. Whenever you find your first Artifact chest key, the associated chest will become available at an infinite quantity.

Artifact Keys may be rewarded through events occasionally. Other than that, a Minor Artifact Key is automatically awarded upon reaching level 45, and a Greater Artifact Key upon reaching level 65.

Artifact Components

Artifact components behave the same as regular components in most ways. Where they differ is their acquisition; they are quite rare! They can be found as a rare random drop in regular quests. In addition, as they are components, the quantity can be modified by loot boosters such as Sia and Loot Bugles, though there’s no guarantee they will drop in the first place.

  • Minor artifact components can be found at the Chronos Ruins, Haunted Castle and Sunken Temple quests.

  • Greater artifact components can be found at the Elysium quest.

Artifact components can also be found in their respective chests.

New Furniture Levels

Furniture can now be upgraded to level 25! More energy and resource capacity for those with the Dragonmarks to spare! Always dry on Dragonmarks? We’ve got that covered further down below.

Tier 14 Enchantments

Six new Elements and six new Spirits are now available! You’ll need the new Supreme Runestone to craft them, though! But good news, it’s also available!

Since we’re on the topic of stones, Supreme Moonstones are available, too.

Merchant Level Loops

A look at the new Merchant Level Loops.
A look at the new Merchant Level Loops.

There’s not too many players at level 99 yet, but with Advanced Research’s XP bonuses, that might change! Level 100 is now available, following usual rules. But it’s also possible to go beyond!

The next level after 100 is… 1! Breaking through level 100 will bring you back to level 1 and grant a new look to your level banner to let everyone know you’re not an average schmuck. Life’s a breeze down in the low digits though, and the XP requirements return back to their early-game values. Once you manage to make it back to 100 again, there’s another loop! In fact, the new level cap is 500!

Each time you loop, you’ll be met with a renewed XP curve, but with an added +25% XP requirement. Although there isn’t anything new to unlock, you’ll still receive those 5 gems per level. As an added bonus, each Loop will add either 10 bonus Ascension Shards or 5 extra gems to your level up rewards.

Shop Expansion Fine Tuning

A preview of the new Terrain Switch feature.
A preview of the new Terrain Switch feature.

Shop designers, are you tired of that standard 3x3 shop? Too little front yard space to fit all those firework cannons? This one's for you.

With this update, it is now possible to transform any shop segment into yard space! Furniture Space granted by the expansion will be retained, but the actual area will become outdoor grass, allowing the placement of outdoor decorations.

Creative use of this feature can allow for things like a donut-shaped shop, a teeny-tiny shop with a massive backyard, or even a weird disconnected shed in the back. The only limitation is that the entrance portion of the shop cannot be transformed. The rest is fair game!*

With this expanded customization potential, the need to save shop layouts and designs becomes more pronounced. The team is currently looking into this functionality, although no promise as to when.

*The Counter also needs to be accessible from the entrance, so you won’t be able to place it in the shed.

Seed of Merit

This valuable seed can be used on a Hero or Champion to increase their max level by one, to a maximum of +10 per character. You still need to earn that level with XP though!

With these seeds, it is possible to go beyond the current level cap of 40, or whichever limit is set by your current Training Hall level.

These seeds are currently exclusive to the Shop Titans 5th Year Anniversary Sale (June 14th), but a fusion recipe will be revealed in a future update.

5th Anniversary Login Calendar

Log in every day from June 12th to June 18th to claim Gems, Ascension Shards and Research Scrolls!

Major Changes

Ascension Milestones

New milestone rewards are now available for Stones, Spirits and Elements.

Dragon Invasion Rewards

“More furniture levels? But I’m nowhere close to level 20 in the first place!” Right you are, shopkeeper. In addition to this level cap increase, we are also massively increasing the amount of Dragonmarks awarded by the Dragon Invasion event. Doubled, in fact. You don’t even need to work harder for it, the quantities are simply doubled for this event (and future ones). What’s the catch? There’s none*.

*There really isn’t.

Advanced Research

Elements, Spirits, Runestones and Moonstones are now available for Advanced Research. As these item types cannot be surcharged, the Surcharge Energy Cost upgrade is not available. 

Minor Changes

  • The Golden Artifact component has been renamed to Golden Chunk to distance it from Artifact blueprints. The Abyssal Artifact blueprint gets to stay.

  • The Starter Pack now looks a lot cooler!

Balance Changes

  • The odds to drop a Chest Exclusive (e.g. mostly blueprints) has been increased to 1% (from 0.5%) for Lost City of Gold chests.

  • The gold cost to purchase Talent points has been reduced across the board.

  • Supreme Moonstones and Runestones can now be found in various quests.

  • The Elemental Barrier requirements of the Elysium quest have been increased.

  • Tier 14 fusions now require Supreme Moonstones instead of Perfect Moonstones, though in lesser quantities.

  • Elemental Blueprints from the Elysium chest are now enchanted with Tier 14 enchantments. This also increases their values slightly.

  • Since Merchant Level 100 is now available, it also unlocks a Talent point. It’s the last one, though!

  • Reduced the Ascension Milestone requirements for Meals, Desserts, Instruments, Aurasongs.

  • Velites can now use Amulets.

  • The cooldown when claiming promo codes has been removed.

Affinity Changes

The following Blueprints have received a new spirit affinity: Titan Sword, Zeus Thunderblade, Olympus, Titan Crossbow, Titan Potion, Titan Plate Armor, Titan Helm, Titan Boots, Titan Shield, Crag Guardian, Serial Quiller, Birdbane Halberd, Bleakspire Charm, Tianglong Lance, Draconic Eyestalk, Dragonfang Fists, Dragon Sacred Gem, Dragon Emperor’s Cloak, Jötunnbane, Neptune’s Authority, Caduceus.

The following Blueprints have had their spirit affinity replaced with a new one; Raptor Wings, Raptor Talons, Mark of Ouroboros, Leviathan (you’ll never guess which spirit).

Webstore Updates

New Research Scrolls Offer

By popular community request, we've added a new offer for 1000 Research Scrolls to help you with your Advanced Research needs or otherwise. This offer will be available a few days after the release of the 17.0 Update.

5th Anniversary Webstore Giveaway

Starting June 14th, we're running a daily giveaway to celebrate our 5th anniversary — exclusively on the webstore. Check back every day for five days for a free claimable item. You'll only have 24 hours to claim your free item each day so don't miss out!

King Schedule

King Reinhold will be available as a Guest Champion from June 25th until June 28th.

Bug Fixes

  • The Talent Tree icon will no longer show on component drops modified by Common Farmer.

  • Fixed an issue where the “View Rewards” button would become unresponsive after donating an item in the Collection Book.

  • Fixed a rare issue where an inactive player could sometimes appear in the Tower of Titans event leaderboard rankings.

  • Fixed an issue where multicrafted items incremented achievement progress by one instead of two.

  • Fixed a rare case where the Brand Loyalty talent could trigger on items worth more Energy than the player’s total.

  • Mundra’s Skull now properly requires Mundra as a worker.

  • Fixed the Staff Master title unlocking earlier than intended.

  • Fixed Advanced Research nodes being impossible to purchase if accessed through the city.

  • Fixed Mercenaries receiving increased effect from boosters.

  • Fixed a minor issue where an item’s affinity would be displayed under its quality in some menus.

  • Fixed Aurasongs and Familiars that are too high tier for a Champion to equip; they are now properly displayed as such.

  • Reduced the Defense stat of the Crispy Roast Duck, as it was inadvertently given two “high” stats.

  • Fixed a bug where Advanced Research could not be unlocked if accessed through some menus.