Version 17.0.1 Release Notes

Balance Changes

  • Decreased the Sondra level requirement on Supreme Stones to 37, but also increased the Fusion time as it was quite short.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the sudden reduction in Hero stats and power. During this intense de-spaghettification process, a number of other minor bugs were found and fixed, which may affect stats and power. More on that below.

  • Fixed the Master Smith title transforming into the Pirate King/Queen title. That one is a secret tool that will help us later.

  • Fixed an artifact bug where Monks could get blinged up with multiple Torcs of Peace. Keep it austere, monks.

  • Fixed Elemental and Spirit affinities reducing an enchantment’s value to 10% instead of increasing it by 10%.

  • Fixed the Best of the Best talent not generating Spirits on items

  • Fixed level 20+ Counters not properly showing the Energy % upgrade. It was a purely visual issue.

  • Fixed Champions not being able to equip some Familiars and Aurasongs.

  • Tier 10+ enchantments no longer use the Tier 4 success rates when using mismatched qualities. They are lower now.

  • Fixed some effects increasing the value of “secondary stats” (crit, evasion) on items.

  • Fixed the market UI breaking down when accessed through enchanting.

  • Fixed Artifact Components not being requestable on the market.

  • Fixed an exploit where Break Chance Reduction effects could render all items indestructible.

  • Fixed fresh Food items not appearing on the market.

  • Fixed customers and Champions occasionally asking for the unenchanted version of an item that has a built-in enchanted (e.g. Mundra items).

  • Fixed a rare bug involving the counter and shop backyards.

  • Fixed the 6th offer in the selection of Anniversary offers and retroactively granted the keys to players who had purchased it.

Hero Bug Fixes

  • Ninja and Sensei’s Power rating would assume that the Critical Hit Chance bonus was always active, and that the Evasion bonus was much greater than it actually was. This results in a lower Power rating, but actual stats do not change.

  • Berserker Power did not properly take into account its innate skill’s evasion. This results in a slight increase to Power rating, but actual stats do not change

  • Pathfinder’s Power rating did not take into account evasion scores above 75. This can result in a slight power increase, but actual stats do not change.

  • Spellknight’s innate skill bonuses (50% + 30%) now stack additively instead of multiplicatively, resulting in slightly reduced stats.

  • Ashley’s power has increased slightly, as it did not take into account her Samurai guaranteed critical