Version 17.1.0 Release Notes

New Content

Pirate Content Pass

Are you ready, kids? I can’t hear you!

From the briny depths comes a new content pass, full of new content! For the grand prize, look forward to the barnacled Kraken Shank dagger, as well as plenty more seafaring items!

Accomplished buccaneers can also look forward to the Pirate King/Queen title, only available to those who finish every task!

This Content Pass will run for four weeks, starting on July 9th and ending on August 6th.

Polonia’s Jolly Roger

The Content Pass contains a special decoration! This pirate flag has the special ability to track Polonia’s thieving prowess and remembers how many items she’s stolen during her lifetime. Simply inspect the decoration to learn her current score.

Tracking will also happen even while the decoration is stored away. Keep in mind however that thefts prior to this update were not tracked.

Seed of Merit Fusion

It’s finally available! You can fuse your own Seeds of Merit with the following recipe:

  • 10x Seeds of Vitality

  • 10x Seeds of Power

  • 10x Seeds of Resistance

  • 3x Mega XP Drinks

  • 15x Supreme Moonstones

Blitz Pass

This new feature is exclusive to new players. We’ve actually stealthily tested it a few months back and we were happy with the results!

The Blitz Pass is a new method for fresh players to hire Champions. Upon first meeting a Champion, they’ll trigger that Champion’s Blitz Pass, which functions like a very short and rather easy Content Pass. By completing a few “tutorial” tasks, the player will earn enough Champion Coins to hire that Champion and hopefully learn a thing or two.

As of this update, the Lilu Blitz Pass is available. Sia and Yami are expected to be included soon, and other Champions may also receive Blitz Passes in the future.

New Major Artifacts

Two new Major Artifacts have been added to the Major Artifact chest. Their components are also now available.

Wyrmbane Cannon

This powerful gun is a perfect fit for Dragon Invasion! Not only is it worth 20% more points when donated, it also increases its wielder’s Dragon Invasion score by 20% when assigned to the airship.

Thankfully, it does not require Wyrmbane Cannonballs to fire.

Rock Stompers

These heavy, heavy boots are best worn by lumbering fighters. They grant a +250 Defense bonus, as well as a +25% skill bonus to Defense. Due to their weight however, the user’s evasion is set to 0% and cannot be changed.

Minor Changes

  • Champion equipment restrictions now use the same rules as Heroes do, with each item tier using the same level requirement as Heroes do. Previously, there were no restrictions at all.

  • Added a market and inventory filter for Artifact Components.

King Schedule

King Reinhold will be available as a Guest Champion on July 22nd, leaving on the 25th.

Bug Fixes

  • The Pride Heart decoration is no longer mysteriously limited to 5 per shop.

  • Fixed Ashley and Bjorn doubling the effect of Boosters during Flash Quests and Bosses, respectively.

  • Fixed Mercenaries not properly increasing the benefits of a Rest Time reduction.

  • Added audio for Tier 14 Spirits.

  • Properly fixed success rate for enchantments with mismatched qualities.

  • Fixed a Shop Edit bug that could allow players to store their last Trunk.

  • Fixed the Dragon’s Hoard not properly displaying its bonuses upon upgrade.

  • Turned the Bug Catcher’s Net built-in element into Earth affinity. Existing items should keep their Wild elements.

  • Fixed Kaleidoscopic items (affinity items that change color when enchanted, that’s what we’re calling them now) displaying as a white box when enchanted with T14 elements.

  • Fixed a bug with the Enchantment Establishment talent, causing it to increase the value higher than indicated.

  • Fixed an issue where the second enchantment on an item could provide more value than the item’s base value.

  • Fixed an issue preventing gem prices from displaying when purchasing copies of furniture obtained from offers.

  • Fixed a rare issue where an Aurasong could temporarily not be equipped on a Champion.

  • Fixed an issue where Artifact Components could appear as Bounty Board tasks.

  • Attempted fix for an issue where the shine effect could remain stuck on a reward after claiming it in event reward tracks.

  • Updated the gem cost of some Counter upgrades past level 20 as they were lower than intended.

  • Added market filters for Tier 14 spirits and the Goose Spirit.

  • Fixed the Titan Spirit restrictions displaying on unrelated skills. This was a purely visual issue.

Bug Unfixes

  • Reintroduced the Spellknight skill multiplier bug as there was no elegant way of restoring its lost stats.