Version 2.0.0 Release Notes

New Features

Player Customization

Advanced shopkeeper customizations have arrived! Beyond basic customizations such as hairstyle and facial hair, players can now change many facets of their appearances! New customization slots include: Tops, Pants, Shoes, Gloves, Hats, Face Accessories and Handheld items! Many items also allow for color editing, too!

Floor & Wall Customization

Tired of that creaky floor and stained walls? Open up the new Design menu and hit that Customize button! Players will now be able to change the wallpaper and flooring of their shop! Not just a texture swap either; you can freely mix and match using several different patterns for a truly unique design.

Improved Furniture Skin Experience

Furniture skins are now much easier to browse and apply. Furthermore, the system has been expanded to several carpets.

New Achievements

Many new achievements were added to the game. The total count is now close to 100! Advanced players may already meet the requirements for some, while others will need to be started from scratch.

Other Changes

  • Inventory sorting!

  • A new, very fancy furniture skin is now available.

  • The gem bonus for the first purchase of a gem pack will now be unique to each individual gem pack. This bonus is now available again to players who have already received it in the past.

  • The Chat interface has been improved. (Includes chat report!)

  • The “Help guildmate” interface has been improved.

  • “Green Faces” now display more often during quest preparation, to indicate a very high chance of success.

  • Champion coin progress towards the next rank will now be displayed whenever champion coins are earned.

  • The visuals of Ascension Shards has been updated to better differentiate them from Research Scrolls. Their function remains unchanged.

  • It is now possible to enchant items through the Market.

  • The default market listing time is now 12h.

  • When buying market items for champions, the market interface will not close automatically if quality or locked items would fulfill the order.

  • Improved market filters for enchanted items.

  • Players will no longer have access to the entire market from the start. Access to tiers of items can be unlocked via player level-up.

Balance Changes

  • The Ninja’s Innate skill “Shadow Assassin” has been modified. Ninjas now naturally have a 3x Critical Damage multiplier, as well as a slightly lower Threat rating. More details below.

  • Due to its conditional nature, the Ninja’s innate skill no longer fully contributes to its Power rating. A higher evasion will increase that contribution.

  • Elements and Spirits enchanted on items will now provide significantly more player XP when sold.

  • The component cost of runestones has been reduced.

  • The following spirits skills have been buffed: Ram, Wolf, Eagle, Viper, Cat, Owl, Armadillo. Details below.

  • The following spirit skills has been nerfed: Ox. Details below.

  • Defense and HP now contribute slightly more to Hero power.

  • Attack now contributes slightly less to Hero power.

  • Flame Element Ascension 1 component reduction reduced (from -3 to -2).

  • Slightly reduced runestone drops from quests.

  • The tax on Market trades has increased.

  • Refusing customers after a successful Small Talk will reduce Energy equal to the amount gained. That’s rude, dude.

Detailed Skill Changes

  • Shadow Assassin: Now grants +20% Evasion and Critical Hit Chance until damaged. Upgrades to the skill increase the Critical Hit Chance bonus.

  • Ram Robustness: 4% DEF > 5% DEF

  • Wolf Ferocity: 4% ATK > 5% ATK

  • Ox Endurance: 4% HP > 3% HP

  • Eagle Accuracy: 1% critical chance > 2% critical chance

  • Viper Lethality: 1% critical damage > 20% critical damage

  • Cat Grace: 1% Evasion > 2% Evasion

  • Owl Wisdom: 4% XP > 5% XP

  • Armadillo Tenacity: 10% Chance to survive > 15% Chance to survive

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some connection issues involving slow Wi-Fi or satellite data (stuck at “Opening city gates”).

  • Fixed a bug that displayed erroneous Energy values, making it look like Surcharge actions was not working.

  • Fixed Element/Spirit of item not displaying on the repair screen.

  • The first ascension level of the Light element reducing the component cost by 3 instead of 1. Players affected by this bug will receive a Shard refund.

  • Fixed players not being notified in-game when a furniture upgrade was completed.

  • Fixed customers not requesting an item at the counter when they didn’t find anything interesting.

  • Fixed “Critical Damage” stat not displaying decimal values.

  • Fixed worn items being possible to enchant while the Hero is on a quest.

  • Fixed Armadillo Tenacity skill always activating regardless of activation chance.

  • Fixed a bug where enchanting an item sometimes applied the enchantment to a different item of the same type, making it look like the enchantment didn’t work.

  • Fixed an issue where some tutorial NPCs (Blacksmith, the King, etc) would get stuck in the player’s shop and stay there forever. Users currently affected by this bug should also see this problem resolved with the patch.

  • Fixed an issue where carpets could sometimes clip into the ground.

  • Fixed “Sell X runestones” existing as a task, despite runestones being impossible to sell.

Since this update we've released a Hotfix to fix some issues and make some balance changes. Read them here.