Version 2.0.1 Release Notes

Balance Changes

Customer Requests

The last update re-introduced a mechanic that was accidentally removed in a previous patch. This mechanic let customers, if they didn’t find anything interesting, go to your counter and request an item. This allowed players extra freedom to salvage a sale (with suggest), buy the item from the market for resale (to gain energy) or to simply refuse that customer.

In practice though, this proved to be rather overwhelming, especially for empty shops or highly specialized ones. Most customers would walk up to the counter with a request you could often not meet at all. This resulted in a strong feeling of missing out on sales.

We’ve now made it so that most customers will leave your shop if they don’t find anything. Every now and then, one will decide to request an item at the counter, but they should be much less frequent. At the same time, we also made it so that these customers will never ask for an item you can’t craft.

Bug Fixes

  • (iOS) Fixed a major crash involving the Legionnaire Sandal item when worn on male characters. The Sandals will now be reintroduced to the game and its blueprint will be granted to all Augustus Pack owners, as it should be. As a little bonus, all players who have purchased the Augustus Pack prior to the bugfix patch will have their Legionnaire Sandals blueprint fully ascended for free.

  • (Android) Fixed the “Contact Us” button crashing the game.

  • Fixed the Emperor Laurels hat clipping through some hairstyles.

  • Fixed quest bosses displaying wrong Key drop chances.

  • Fixed items clipping through some furniture skins.