Posted to Updates on November 18th, 2019

Version 3.0.0 Release Notes

New Features

The Lost City of Gold

Legends speak of an ancient temple housing wealth immeasurable... Its very walls paved with gold! If the legends were true, King Reinhold would surely sponsor all guilds to plunder its halls of all things valuable and reward them handsomely for it!

During a Lost City of Gold Event, a new time-limited dungeon appears on the world map. By running this dungeon, its special component (Pure Gold) is accumulated by the whole guild. Teaming up and finding a lot of it will unlock many unique rewards for everyone!

The Grand Prize is of particular note. It is an exclusive, extremely valuable Luxurious blueprint! How valuable, you ask? Think of the most expensive blueprint you know. It’s WAY more expensive than that. The caveat: it can only be crafted using Golden Artifacts, a valuable component available only in limited quantities during the event!

Alternatively, if the Grand Prize seems out of reach, it is also available as a chest blueprint from the Golden Chest found within the Lost City of Gold!

The Lost City of Gold will make its first appearance on November 23.

The Bounty Board

The townsfolk of the city need your help! All members of a guild now share a Bounty Board, where randomly generated tasks are posted for players to fulfill. By completing Bounties, players earn Guild Coins for themselves and Trophies for their guild. At the end of each week, the guild’s total Trophy amount is tallied and turned into Renown!

Guild Renown

Guild Renown is a new currency tied to the guild. Earned each week depending on the guild’s success completing bounties, officers can spend it on various guild upgrades and boosts for the whole guild.

To get everyone started, all guilds will be granted a small amount of free Renown to play with.

Guild Perks

Guild Perks are permanent upgrades that benefit all members of the guild. They can be purchased by officers using Renown earned at the end of each week. These upgrades include greater resource bin capacity, more energy from racks, storage space, and more!

Guild Boosts

Guild Boosts are temporary effects granted to the entire guild. They can be activated and empowered with the use of Renown. These boosts include Craft Speed, Quest Speed (and rest speed), XP Boost (all XP) and Resource Regen. Fully upgraded, these boosts can provide a bonus of up to +25% for several days.

Guild Coins

With Guild coins, players can purchase one out of three colored Grab Bags. These bags contain a random prize, with some only being available in specific bag colors. Try them all, you might just find an exclusive decoration!

Additionally, Guild Coins can be spent on resource packs, which refresh daily. The option to buy these resource packs can be accessed by inspecting a bin, or whenever you run out of that resource.

Guild Requests

Through the Market, it is now possible to request items from your fellow guildmates. Such items are willingly given away for free, though. No currency is exchanged as part of these trades.

Social Media Sharing

It is now possible to share your shop, profile as well as guild invites through social media with the help of special links!

Major Changes


The Leaderboards have been reworked. Aside from a visual upgrade, The Player Score and Guild Score category have been retired and replaced with Hero Power and Event Score.

In addition to the Global leaderboards currently in the game, it is now possible to compare your scores in the National and Regional Leaderboards as well.

Other Changes

  • Added new Wallpapers and Floorings themed around Thanksgiving.
  • The investment tab for building has been reworked. It now also displays how many investments each player has made into that building.
  • It is now possible to peek at chest-exclusive blueprints even if you haven’t unlocked them yet.
  • Renamed Storage Chests to Storage Trunks for better clarity VS loot chests
  • Improved the Hero Optimize process to make it both faster and more efficient.
  • Repositioned and improved the appearance of the Sentient Hat shopkeeper customization.
  • All building investment bonuses have been replaced with a Guild Coin reward. As part of the update, all players will receive Guild Coins matching the investments they’ve made in the past.
  • General improvements to item, enchantment and blueprint information display. There should be more relevant tooltips and information, especially around elements and spirits enchanted on items.

Balance Changes

  • Ascensions that reduce resource cost now reduce such costs by at least 2. This mostly affects the Jewel and Mana cost of T8 items.
  • Wooden, Frozen, Slimy and Limestone chests now have much greater odds of dropping chest exclusive rewards.
  • Increased the value of the Nomad Veil elemental blueprint.
  • Increased the value of the Bagua Board spell item. It now requires one extra Evil Eye to craft.
  • All special items (such as those obtained from special offers) now have a bonus secondary stat, which varies depending on the item. This change was also retroactively applied to blueprints from past offers.
  • Reduced the Suggest cost for all items aside from the Shiv.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to put items on the market above their maximum market value.
  • Fixed all known cases of NPCs being stuck in player’s shop and prevented such cases from happening in the future.
  • Fixed an issue where some blueprints could have their resource costs reduced below 0 with Ascension.
  • Fixed an issue where crafting the blueprints affected by the above bug would reset some achievement progress back to 0 (Spend X resources achievements). We’ve restored progress on this achievement for all players affected.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Nomad Veil elemental blueprint from showing up in the blueprint list if it wasn’t unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue where requesting items of exceptional quality on the market used the gold and gem ceilings of a normal quality item.